Gluten-Free Vegan Portobello Fajitas

Gluten-Free Vegan Portobello Fajitas with Bell Peppers

Fajitas have long been a favorite dinner of mine. My mom used to make them several times a year when I was growing up and we always looked forward to Fajita Night. There’s just something wonderful about the sizzling hot filling rolled into a soft tortilla with an array of favorite toppings. It had been awhile since I made fajitas for my little family. McCormick has come out with new gluten-free seasoning mixes and I was […]

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Slow Cooker Creamy Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Soup |

Nothing is easier to make than this Slow Cooker Creamy Pumpkin Soup Recipe – it’s great for chilly nights, potlucks and parties, or anytime. Folks, you don’t need me to tell you that Pumpkin Season has arrived. Let’s kick it off with this super easy Slow Cooker Creamy Pumpkin Soup recipe, shall we? Do you want to take a guess at how many (big) cans of pumpkin puree I’ve already gone through in the past […]

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How To Add Meatless Meals Into Your Week

Our family is not 100% vegetarian, but we have made a concerted effort to go meatless as often as we can. The truth is, we could all eat more veggies and going meatless once in awhile is definitely not a bad thing. I believe everyone should do what is right for them, and I don’t try to push my way of eating on anyone else. That being said, if you are looking for ways to eat more […]

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Gluten-Free Tamale Pie

Vegetarian Gluten-Free Tamale Pie

Thank you to Pamela’s Products for sponsoring this post.  In the last few weeks, I’ve read a bunch of articles and blog posts on the subject of home-cooked family dinners. The big question is: are they more pain than they’re worth? My opinion lies somewhere in the middle of that argument, as there are plenty of opinions to go around on both sides. I think it’s so, so important to sit down as a family as […]

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Quinoa Pizza with Stone Fruit, Chiles, and Queso Fresco

GF Quinoa Pizza with Stone Fruit, Chiles, and Queso Fresco

September is proving to be magical – the weather and fresh produce are astounding. October is my favorite month, but September is a close second. It’s also time for another round of #EatSeasonal. I’m joining in with some of my favorite bloggers to share recipes using fruits and veggies that are available in September. The links to their recipes are down below and you can follow along on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #EatSeasonal. […]

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Tempeh Black Bean Vegan Taco Salad

vegetarian taco salad with tempeh and black beans

A little while ago I confessed that I was in my twenties when I first tried tofu. Hmm. Funny thing. I’m in my thirties and I only just tried tempeh for the first time a few months ago. It’s always interesting to me that my picky eating was deeply rooted in fear. What if it didn’t taste good or the texture was wonky? I mean, it’s food. If I didn’t like it or the texture was […]

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How To Marinate Tofu

marinated tofu with broccoli

When I tell friends and family that my kids love tofu, I get some interesting looks and responses! I know there are a lot of people out there hatin’ on tofu. It is interesting to me that my children love tofu so much when they are so finicky about other things like homemade macaroni and cheese. (I know – who are these children?!) I, however, refused to even taste tofu until I was an adult. I had prepared […]

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Salmon Burgers with Quick-Pickled Cucumber Salad

Salmon Burger_Quick Pickled Cucumber Salad

It’s #BurgerWeek! In conjunction with some of my favorite food bloggers, hosted by Noshon.It, we are bringing you a full week of crazy delicious burgers of all kinds. My contribution to the party is an incredibly delicious Salmon Burger topped with a creamy yogurt caper sauce. And what goes better with Salmon Burgers than a Quick-Pickled Cucumber Salad? It’s all has a very Scandinavian feel, doesn’t it? It’s salmon season right now, so this was […]

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Thai Cauliflower Rice Salad

The other day I was walking through Trader Joe’s and as I passed by the produce section, I could smell summer. You know that smell? The ripe berries and peaches? Herbs and veggies? I have missed that scent of summer so much. It had me craving a fresh salad with lime dressing – what else? I’ve been all over cauliflower rice the past little while. I don’t know what took me so long to try […]

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Quinoa Pizza with Meyer Lemon, Goat Cheese, and Basil

My new favorite gluten-free pizza crust is made from nothing more than quinoa, water, and salt. I usually add garlic and/or herbs too, but that’s seriously it! It makes such a good crust. You cannot even believe it. I came across the recipe one day when I was looking for something else online and I was totally intrigued. I think I’ve made it at least a dozen times in the last few months. It does […]

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