Barramundi Rice Rolls

These Barramundi Rice Rolls with Coconut Peanut Curry Sauce are full of fresh flavor and texture thanks to citrus-marinated cubes of barramundi and thinly sliced veggies, avocado, and mango. Perfect for dipping in spicy Coconut Peanut Curry Sauce! This post is sponsored by Australis Barramundi. Thank you for supporting the brands we love and use in our kitchen. Barramundi, our favorite sustainable white fish, goes so well with just about every cuisine, but especially Asian […]

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Spanish Style Baked Barramundi

Spanish-Style Baked Barramundi |

It’s been a few years since I was first introduced to barramundi. I’ve partnered with Australis to create a new recipe featuring their ocean-raised barramundi. This Spanish-Style Baked Barramundi will knock your socks off – promise! It’s based on a recipe for white fish my husband grew up eating, but with the addition of quintessential Spanish paprika and olives. If you’re never heard or barramundi before, or need a quick refresher, here’s what you need […]

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Superfood Weeknight Meals: Thai Coconut Salmon Salad

Thai Coconut Salmon Salad from Superfood Weeknight Meals

This year I finally got to meet my dear friend, Kelly Pfeiffer, in person. She’s the brilliant and talented cook and photographer behind the Nosh and Nourish blog. She’s also the author of two books. Her second book, Superfood Weeknight Meals, just came out a few days ago. And it’s just as fantastic as her first book. Superfood Weeknight Meals is basically the book I’ve been waiting for – all of my favorite foods turned into […]

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Fish Tacos with Chunky Guacamole and Mango Salsa

Can we have a little chat about tacos? It can be rather difficult for me to find great tacos where I live. So I either have to make them myself, or go to where the tacos are. When Kelly and I were planning our California beach trip, I told her my only requirement was that I needed tacos every day. And that wish pretty much came true. On our way from the airport to our […]

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Gluten-Free Open-Faced Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

I’m majorly in the mood for a late summer picnic! We have a great park nearby where we live and in the center is a great pond for swimming and nice little “beach” too. I picnicked there with my good friend and our kids before school let out, and I haven’t been back since. My kids go there several times a week with my husband – lucky kids! I’m ready to go a few more […]

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Orange Mango Braised Fish with Lime Coconut Quinoa

I am so excited to share this recipe with you – even more excited than usual! Is your mouthwatering at the title – Orange Mango Braised Fish with Lime Coconut Quinoa? Doesn’t that sound amazing? Doesn’t it sound like something you’d want to eat while sitting at a beachside restaurant on a warm, breezy night? That’s totally the feeling I was going for here. A few weeks ago Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice contacted me about partnering with […]

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Salmon Burgers with Quick-Pickled Cucumber Salad

Salmon Burger_Quick Pickled Cucumber Salad

It’s #BurgerWeek! In conjunction with some of my favorite food bloggers, hosted by Noshon.It, we are bringing you a full week of crazy delicious burgers of all kinds. My contribution to the party is an incredibly delicious Salmon Burger topped with a creamy yogurt caper sauce. And what goes better with Salmon Burgers than a Quick-Pickled Cucumber Salad? It’s all has a very Scandinavian feel, doesn’t it? It’s salmon season right now, so this was […]

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Quick Broiled Barramundi Fillets with Puttanesca Sauce

As I’ve spent the last few months cooking with Barramundi, I’ve seen just how versatile it really is. I love that it is sustainably farmed using revolutionary aquaculture practices. I’ve used Barramundi in several different ways, using flavors of different cuisines from around the globe. All of them have been delicious. A few weeks ago I shared a recipe for Barramundi Rice Bowls and Barramundi Coconut Curry Soup – both delicious! We’ve used it in several other […]

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Heart Healthy Salad with Baked Salmon

Heart Healthy Salad with Citrus, Avocado and Salmon |

This colorful healthy salad made with citrus, avocado, and salmon is great for heart health. The days are getting longer again and I know this is February fooling me, but the weather has also warmed up a bit. The bite is gone from the chilly morning air. Oh, that makes me happy! It’s been a long, cold winter. Thank goodness we have citrus in the winter to brighten things up. I made this Heart Healthy […]

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Barramundi Thai Coconut Soup

This is a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting our sponsors so we can bring you great content and recipes. If you remember from last month, we’ve been trying out Barramundi, a farm-raised, sustainable white fish from Vietnam. We are still in love with it! When I was at the store the other day, I stocked up on a bunch more. I love that my kids enjoy eating fish with us. Barramundi is high in Omega-3 fatty […]

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