Easter Coconut Cake

Every year when Easter comes around, I am reminded of my grandmother and her colorful Easter Coconut Cake. There were two layers of light and fluffy white cake filled with fruit or cream and it was frosted with a basic white frosting. The topping was the most magical part – otherwise it would have been just your basic white cake. She would dye shredded coconut by placing it in a bag and adding a few […]

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Valentine’s Treats: Cherry-Almond Divinity

Cherry Almond Divinity

My grandmother was the master divinity maker. Her divinity was heavenly. She would tint it pink and add chopped nuts, usually walnuts. It was always a treat. And I think of her every time I make a batch. I made my first batch years ago when I first got my KitchenAid mixer. It is still one of my favorite candies to make and eat. While divinity is very easy to make, it can also be […]

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Lion House Rolls

If you’ve ever had Lion House Rolls…you know how good they are! I like to make refrigerator rolls during the holidays because I can make them ahead of time and bake them when I’m ready. I’ve adapted my version of this recipe for Lion House rolls from the Lion House Recipes Cookbook. Check out my post on How To Make Refrigerator Rolls for step-by-step photos plus tips and tricks for the best rolls ever. 

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