Easiest Hot Fudge Sauce

Easiest Hot Fudge Sauce | CafeJohnsonia.com

For those times when you want some yummy hot fudge sauce, but don’t have any more chocolate on hand to make it, use cocoa powder. And for times when you do have chocolate, substitute it or add it to the cocoa powder for the creamiest, dreamiest hot fudge sauce imaginable.  I grew up eating hot fudge sundaes at my grandmother’s family parties. She is the best hostess – the food is always incredible, and her […]

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Buttermilk Syrup

My mom’s friend, Carolyn, gave her this recipe for Buttermilk Syrup. It is hands-down the best syrup I have ever tasted in my life! Everyone who tastes it becomes instantly enamored with it. I don’t know if it’s the tang of the buttermilk that does it, or if it’s the combination of everything together, but MAN. This is seriously the best sauce EVER.We usually serve it over pancakes or waffles, but it’s also good over […]

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Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe

Malt Ice Cream | CafeJohnsonia.com

When I was a little girl, we would go to my grandmother’s house for parties. My grandmother is a fantastic cook and she is known for many things, like her Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream, but especially her hot fudge sauce recipe. She also makes a killer brown sugar caramel sauce that is so, so good. (I’ll post it when I track down the recipe!) My grandmother’s recipe calls for cocoa powder and powdered sugar. Instead of […]

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