Beecher’s Raw Milk Flagship Cheese

Some people bring back t-shirts or key chains as souvenirs.  In our family, it’s food – usually in the form of cheese.  When I visited Seattle in August, I made sure to visit Beecher’s Handmade Cheese at Pike Place.  It was very crowded that afternoon, so we just tasted a few cheeses and scooted out the door.  I couldn’t stop thinking about their cheese.  It was only natural then, that I couldn’t pass up a stop by the Beecher’s store at SeaTac Airport on my way home.  I mean, seriously, why don’t all airports have cheese shops?

It was a hard to decide which cheese to bring home to my husband.  I ended up buying a wedge of Raw Milk Flagship for him.  After having tasting it that first time at Pike Place Market, I knew it would be one he would enjoy the most.

Beecher’s Raw Milk Flagship is aged for fifteen months.  We’re big fans of raw milk cheese because of the unique flavor it lends to the cheese.  Beecher’s Flagship is a cow’s milk, semi-hard cheese similar to cheddar.  It packs a punch of flavor.  I imagine it would make the most fantastic grilled cheese sandwich.  The texture itself is kind of creamy (though not really “creamy”) with a bit of crystallization.  My description is lacking here, but this cheese is really fabulous.  I know it’s a favorite of many.

Of course, as with all cheeses, it goes well with fruit.  I happened to have some fresh pears from my friend’s tree.  They were the perfect companion.

I was happy to visit the NYC Beecher’s Store last week and have another taste of Beecher’s Raw Milk Flagship Cheese.  I recommend stopping by the Flatiron location.  It’s bigger than the Pike Place location and felt less hectic.  There’s also a restaurant in the basement that I’ll be sure to try when I’m in NYC next time.

Have you experienced Beecher’s Cheese before? Which kind is your favorite?


1600 Pike Place
Seattle, WA 98101

Central Terminal – Concourse C, #9
17801 International Blvd
Seatac, WA 98158

Flatiron District
900 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

Beecher’s cheese can also be found in these retail locations.

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  1. If you ever make it back to Wa. and want some excellent cheese you must hunt down some ‘Cougar Gold ‘. It made at the creamery at Washington State University. It will seriously rock your world. Its easier to find at Christmas time and its possible they ship it if you order nonlinear.

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