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I saw a few tweets back and forth between @noshonit and my good friend @ohsweetbasil (aka Carrian) and I made a mental note to check out and see what it was all about.  Then I saw an e-mail from Vijay, the founder of, asking if I would be interested in being featured.  (I was, yes.)  I clicked over and was totally impressed with what I saw.  I asked Vijay if he’d allow me to interview him  so all of you could be properly introduced to

I asked Vijay to tell me a little more about what is and the history behind this new venture of his.  It’s been about 8 weeks since launched and already it’s growing and growing.

Vijay is a former chef who started cooking right out of high school, but he quickly realized that professional cooking was not what he wanted to be doing for the rest of his life.  (I totally get that from my own experiences.)  He had briefly attended culinary school, worked at restaurants, catered and worked at a winery.  Cooking as a job took the fun out of cooking for Vijay.  (I hear that–no more catering for me!)

So Vijay and his co-founder decided to combine their love of food and cooking with their love of technology and was born.  They kept thinking, “There’s a lot out of content out there–why don’t we do it by e-mail?”  Brilliant right?  Amazing recipes in your inbox every afternoon from interesting people–chefs and bloggers.  Working this way would allow them to highlight great things that smaller, lesser known chefs and bloggers were doing that wasn’t garnering the deserved amount of attention. allows you to sign up for e-mails according to the daily categories–Meatless Monday, Healthy Tuesday, World Cuisine Wednesday, Drinks and Apps Thursday, Sweet Tooth Friday, Seasonal Saturday, and Gluten-free Sunday.

His goal is to inspire people to get in their kitchen and cook.  They want to deliver an expert cooking tip each day to help people who may be just learning or timid in the kitchen learn how to cook better. To quote Vijay, “Great food is within your reach at home.”  Hopefully’s diverse audience will become better cooks over time and enjoy what they’ve learned each day.

As grows, Vijay hopes they’ll be able to start doing videos and continue to enhance the education part of their site.  They want to be the approachable hub between readers and the content makers.

I asked Vijay about own upbringing in Texas.  He grew up eating Indian food as well as awesome Tex-Mex food.  His specialties?  Carnitas and Channa Masala, which I will be making as soon as possible.

Now what if you know someone who should be featured on  Have no fear.  They are always on the lookout for fantastic recipes and content.  You can find Vijay on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, or send him an e-mail.  Be sure to subscribe to the e-mails too.  You don’t want to miss a single one.

Thanks to Vijay for featuring my Cilantro Citrus Chicken for Healthy Tuesday and for the interview. :)

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