Photography: Finding Beauty In The World Around You

Last week I was fortunate to be able to attend Evo ’12, a fabulous blog conference founded by two of the best ladies I know, Jyl Pattee and Rachael Herrscher.  More on that in the days to come.

One of my favorite parts of the conference was the hands-on photography workshop with Tracey Clark of  I’m trying so hard to rediscover my love of photography, but I’m always a little timid when I’m behind the camera.  I didn’t used to be that way, but sometimes my inner critic switches into overdrive and I don’t take the picture for fear it won’t be a good one.

Listening to Tracey changed my perspective on the way I look through my camera.  I did become more playful and less purposeful during the hands-on portion of our session.  My goal became to see the beauty in the little details in my surroundings and capture them.

The weather was overcast with a slight drizzle, so the light was even and the colors really popped.  (I’m not really great with shadows and harsh light from a bright sun.)  I get so focused on tweaking my food shots just the right way that they lose something.  They become less organic and random, and more manufactured, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It’s just not what I want all of the time.

Nature is organized and random at the same time, which is why it’s so beautiful and inviting to me.

I was born and raised in Utah and moved back 4 years ago.  I have always taken the mountains for granted.  I look at them and think, “Oh, yeah.  They’re pretty.”  And then back to what I was doing.

As I walked around I let myself BE in the mountains.  I smelled the rain and the dirt.  I listened to the rushing water and the rustling leaves.  I absorbed all I could and said a silent prayer of gratitude for being where I was at that precise moment, seeing what I was seeing.

I’m going to start changing things up on ye olde blog and get back to the way things were when I first started blogging.  I tell you that so you can prepare for a few less recipes and more writing and non-food pictures, which is something I’ve put to the side and have missed.  But it will be good.  I’m ready to share more about the insights I’ve had and the changes I’m making towards living a happier, more fulfilled life.  And I invite you to join me and hop in and comment and share your own insights.  That’s something we’ve been missing over here, I think.

So tell me, what inspires you?  Where do you see beauty in your world today?

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  1. Lindsey, these photos were gorgeous! Every moment you captured told a story… thank you for that! All my photos were on my evo at EVO!I can hardly wait to get a “real” camera!

  2. I agree with what Emily said. “THIS inspires me.” Looking forward to seeing more of your photographs and reading about your journey.

  3. Beautiful post, gorgeous photos! I’m looking forward to what new things you’ll share with us.

    Not surprisingly, what inspires me right now in my photography is my son. It used to be scenery, events, other people. Now I just want to take pictures of my baby. I bet all moms are like that. :)

  4. Lindsey, I could learn a few (hundred) things from you about photography. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! The whole time I was there, I kept telling myself to just take some time to walk around and experience the surroundings around me, but I never did. And after seeing your pics, I’m kicking myself. I need to take more time to just “be”.

  5. What great pictures! I feel sad that during the whole time I was up there, I barely stepped a toe out of the hotel and I didn’t take a moment to look at the gorgeous surrounding at all – sad. But I did have a marvelous time with all our awesome ladies (and the 5 guys!). Good to meet you!

  6. your photos are stunning, Lindsey, and I look forward to the for-the-good changes around here.

    I find inspiration all over. A walk through the woods, people watching while sitting on a bench downtown, visiting my favorite food cart pod (where I MUST enjoy an ice cream cone…) ;) Sometimes I feel such anticipation when I decide to go out with my camera… just to see what I can find.

  7. It was so good bumping into you at evo – again and again. There is something special about being in the mountains with a bunch of women with similar interests!

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