Sockeye Salmon with Sauteed Spring Veggies and Leafy Greens

Post edit 06/05/2012–Doh!  I meant that this was Sockeye, not King.  King is coming later and I cannot wait! 

I’m so happy to tell you about the Copper River Salmon I received on Friday.  I joined the 2012 Copper River Salmon Fresh Catch Crew.So, here I am in Utah, really far from the ocean and Alaska, I get to be part of the crew.  What does the Fresh Catch Crew do?  We’re helping find locations where you (and I) can buy Copper River Salmon in our areas.  (Local friend–psst!  Harmon’s and Aquarius already have some!  And I’ll be searching all summer for more places.)

I love salmon.  And when Copper River asked me if I’d like to team up with them and receive some fresh salmon for my troubles….I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Lindsey aren’t you vegan now?”  To which I say, “Yes.  On most days.  And when fresh wild salmon from Alaska doesn’t magically appear on my doorstep.”

I’m no dummy you guys.  This salmon is off-the-hook.  (No pun intended.)  It’s the best salmon I have ever had in my life.  My husband, who doesn’t love salmon so much, LOVED it.  (And we’ve had salmon in Norway.)
Where was I?  I get so distracted when I’m writing about good food…
Here’s the thing–Copper River Salmon is only available for a few short months.The season only just started a few days ago and they’ll only fish through the summer.  And then?  It won’t be available until next year.

The salmon travel 300 miles to return to their spawning grounds in the Copper River.  They are chock full of those healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and therefore very healthy.  Not to mention how good the fish is–I’m gonna venture out and say the best in the world.

Wild salmon is so much better than the farmed salmon you find all over the place.  It’s not as flavorful, and it isn’t that stunning red color.  Oh, and it won’t melt in your mouth like buttah.

Yo.  Go get yourself some Copper River Salmon while you can.

This is gorgeous Sockeye Salmon.

When I tell you I waited not very patiently by my front door all day, checking the status of my shipment (ALL DAY) last Friday (from Alaska to Tennessee to Salt Lake to my house), believe me.  I cancelled all of my plans so I could be there when the salmon arrived.  I couldn’t wait a minute longer.  And precisely 24 minutes after 3 pm, I heard FedEx pull up and before the driver was out of his truck, my son and I were out the door arms open.

This salmon is so good it doesn’t need anything more than a little salt and pepper and a quick stint in a hot pan with a little olive oil.

This was dinner on Saturday night.  Don’t be jealous.  (Okay, be jealous.)  It was so good I exclaimed to my husband, “I would pay over $40 a plate for this in a restaurant!”  Or more.  Freshly picked veggies and greens from La Nay Ferme (picked that morning before my very eyes) AND wild salmon from Alaska?  Delicious.

I placed the salmon on top of the mizuna I got in my CSA this week.  The hot salmon and its juices wilted the greens just a bit and it was sooooo good.  You could also use another flavorful green, like arugula, or omit this if you don’t have any on hand.  (Or don’t like it.)

I used leftover potatoes I had sliced and boiled for another recipe and browned them up in the salmon drippings.  Mmm.

Sockeye Salmon with Sauteed Spring Veggies and Leafy Greens
original recipe

1-1 1/2 lbs. wild caught salmon fillet, skin on
2 large russet potatoes, scrubbed clean and cut into about 1/4″ slices, boiled just until tender
1/2-1 lb. mixed spring veggies (pea pods, baby carrots, green onions, green beans, radishes)
a small bunch of leafy greens, such as flowering brassica or raab, or baby kale, or chard
olive oil
salt and pepper, to taste
mizuna or other greens (arugula would be good), for serving platter
mustard vinaigrette, for drizzling on greens (optional)

Pat the salmon dry and sprinkle with salt and pepper on both sides.  Let sit for a few minutes.

Heat a non-stick skillet (or a heavy-bottomed stainless steel or cast iron) over medium-high heat.  Add a little bit of olive oil and heat until shimmering.  Add the salmon, skin side down.  Cook for about 4-5 minutes and turn salmon over.  Continue cooking, lowering heat if necessary, until salmon is cooked through, another 4 minutes or so.  (The fish should flake easily with a fork.)

Place the hot salmon on top of the mizuna greens on the serving platter.  Cover and keep warm.

While the skillet is still very hot, add a little more olive oil and the sliced potatoes.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Cook on each side until golden.  Transfer to a platter and keep warm.

In the meantime, heat another skillet and add more olive oil.  Add the spring veggies and saute until they are tender crisp.  Season with salt and pepper.  Transfer the veggies to a bowl or plate and cover to keep warm.

Add a little more oil, if necessary to the skillet and add the greens.  Season with a little salt and pepper.  Adjust heat if necessary and cook until bright green and barely tender.  Transfer to a serving platter and drizzle with a little mustard vinaigrette, if using.

Serve everything while very warm. Makes enough for about 4 people.

Disclosure:  As part of the Fresh Catch Crew, I received complimentary salmon for my enjoyment.  And oh, do I enjoy it.

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  1. You are SO LUCKY! Red(sockeye, all salmon have two names) salmon is good, fresh is even better! If you can’t get it from the wild the salmon shouldn’t be consumed by humans. My parents go dip netting every year and scoop up dozens of reds and send them to me and smoke some of them and I am always so sad when our stash runs out. The Copper River is like the hip, who’s who locale for salmon. Way to be an elitist! I am so proud. I alway thought silver salmon was my favorite but I wonder now if I could even tell them apart unless they were lined up next to each other.

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