Beet Green, Carrot, Apple, Orange Juice

Here’s a quick juice recipe that I really enjoyed earlier this week.

I don’t love beets yet.  Still need to keep eating them until I do.  My neighbor gave me some of his famous beets–4 large ones with tons of greens attached.  I saved the beets for another use, plus they keep much longer than the greens.  The greens are soooo healthy and you should never, never throw them away.  Deal?

This is a very sweet juice from all of the fruit.  If you don’t want it as sweet, you can use green apples or thin it with a little water.  It’s quite refreshing chilled. I add ice to the collection pitcher of my juicer and the lid strains it out.

Beet Green, Carrot, Apple, Orange Juice


5 peeled carrots
1 bunch beet greens (about 5-6 large), can also use chard
2 small oranges, peeled and and cut into half through the equator, seeds removed
2 apples, cut into quarters, cores removed


Put the greens and fruit through a juicer according to manufacturer directions.

Makes about 20 oz. or enough for two juices.  Drink within a few hours for best health benefits.

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