A New Joe in Town.

When we talked about moving back to Utah from New York, I would always say, “I’m never moving back to Utah until there’s a Trader Joe’s.”  People thought I was exaggerating.  I wasn’t.  I didn’t think life was worth living without a Trader Joe’s down the road.

We moved anyway.  Sunflower and Whole Foods had to fill that huge void left in my heart–the void that can now be completely filled….

Um, did you hear the news that Trader Joe’s is coming to Salt Lake City?!

This will soon be the home of my favorite grocery store:

Yesterday I was up in Salt Lake City doing a little segment on KSL 5 (can’t find a link for you to watch).  Before we left the house, I quietly tucked my camera into my bag.  My husband picked me up from the station and asked where I wanted to go.

I said, “I want to go to 634 East 400 South.  Where the Trader Joe’s is going in.”

He smiled and chuckled and drove me over.

Then I made him take cheesy pictures of me with my handy canvas Trader Joe’s shopping bags that I proudly use for groceries and anything and everything else.

Let me in!

(I can’t believe I put that picture in…but I was being pretty cheesy.  Here’s the proof.)

As we walked back to the car, a guy yelled over to us, “You must have seen the news–Trader Joe’s is coming.”

And my husband said, “Oh, yeah.  She already knew all about it.”  (I didn’t really.  I had just heard the rumors and hoped my little heart out.)

A few years ago I joined the Facebook group, “Trader Joe’s should do the distance…Salt Lake City, UT.”  Rumors were leaked left and right.  The group got excited.  There was a piece on the news that left us hanging.  The people at Trader Joe’s corporate would not confirm (or deny) that they were bringing a store to SLC.  It seemed like we’d have to wait longer and be content with bringing home a stash of TJ’s goodies when we visited states lucky enough to have their own Trader Joe’s stores.

But it’s real!  It’s already up on the website.

When we moved to Utah (four years ago!), I went through some serious TJ’s withdrawals.  I was 2 weeks postpartum with my third baby and a little emotional (you know how it is).  I was worried we’d made a huge mistake moving back to Utah.  (I was emotional after all, and the nearest Trader Joe’s was hours away in Vegas.)  I would soothe myself to sleep by closing my eyes and visualizing a shopping trip to Trader Joe’s.  I had my path through the store mapped out.  When I first came through the door with my red cart, I’d head over and snag some orange juice, then eggs and yogurt, milk, and kefir.  Then move down to the bread…then to the cereal and produce, etc.

If I close my eyes right now, I can still see everything on all of the shelves on all of the aisles. 

That’s the flavor of geek I am.  And that’s how much this girl loves Trader Joe’s.

My last visit in July 2010 with my BFF Liz in Scottsdale, AZ.

And I might have shed actual tears numerous times this week just thinking about it…I’m getting a little choked up about it now.  (Sniff, sniff.)

Dear Trader Joe’s,

Thank you!!!  You’ve made this girl happy for a lifetime.  See you in a few months!


You can find out more about the gal behind the FB group here.  And if you watch the video, you might just get a quick glimpse of my picture. :)

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  1. We were at our local Las Vegas TJ’s and the manager told us it was coming! I should have told you sooner :) I am so excited for you. We don’t take advantage of it enough.

  2. whenever I see someone talk about TJ’s like this, wishing for or anticipating the opening of, I realize I take ours for granted… we have several in our area, and while I do love them, I don’t go enough? (I was just there the other day and said what I always say, that I need to shop there more. one location in particular has AMAZING produce!).

    happy for you – you are so cute taking photos out front! :)

  3. We are excited too! Can we plan a Trader Joes shopping trip after it opens so you can show me the ropes? I’ve only been once. I need an expert to help me find the good stuff!

  4. Be careful not to get lost in you TJ’s dreams… They expanded our (your old) store in Scarsdale and some things are in different locations.

  5. Yet another reason why we’re friends, though my love of Trader Joe’s pales in comparison. I have some catching up to do! :)

  6. I thought I was the only one who uttered those words. I grew up in California and when I moved to Tampa to get married, I said it was perfect here except there is no Trader Joe’s. I predicted it would take 10 years to come. Every visit out west, I always stopped in and packed a stash of goodies to take home. I always asked the management to come to FL. Not just anywhere, but Tampa. I even recruited friends and neighbors to request our zip code location on their website, promising ‘you won’t be sorry you did’. Well, this May marked 10 years, and my husband found a notice that there is one coming to FL! It’s in Sarasota, but it’s progress none-the-less.

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