Homemade Garlic Mayonnaise

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The best garlic mayo EVER people.  I can’t find it anywhere online to link to, so here it is.

Garlic Mayonnaise
adapted from Martha Stewart Living Cookbook

Makes 1 cup

1 large egg
1 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice
1 tsp. kosher salt (I use 3/4 tsp.)
1 large garlic clove
1 cup canola oil (can use half extra-virgin olive oil)

Put everything, except for the canola oil, into the jar of a high-speed blender or food processor.  Process until smooth.  With the motor running, add the oil through the feed hole in a slow, steady drizzle.  Let the motor run a little longer, stopping and scraping down the sides, if needed, until the mayo is thick.  Taste and add more salt if needed.  Transfer to a jar or bowl.  Store in the fridge for about a week.

*This has a raw egg in it.  If that bothers you or if you have compromised health, use a pasteurized egg instead.  I make this all the time and have never once been sick.  But “they” recommend not feeding raw eggs to pregnant women, the elderly, children, or anyone who has a weakened immune system.  Use the freshest eggs you can find and it will be even better.

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