Pineapple-Coconut Cereal

I keep hearing that food can’t be delicious if it’s vegan.  I’m here to tell you that what you see in the bowl in the picture below is both.  No dairy.  Does that scare you a little?  Guess what else?  (Come closer so you can hear me.)  It’s also wheat-free.  And if you use GF oats, it’s also gluten-free.

Are you with me, or did I scare you away? :)

I love raw oatmeal. I’ve been eating it that way since last year and it’s hard for me to go back to cooking it. I’ve always been a fan of muesli, so no surprise there.

I posted about my favorite breakfast cereal–Toasted Oats and Coconut–over at Fresh Clean Start last year.  I took it a step further by adding the fresh pineapple and chopped macadamia nuts.  (Did you know I have a secret blog where I pour my heart out about things like emotional eating, depression, and unemployment.  I do.  And now it’s not a secret anymore.) 

What’s in the bowl?
*A handful each of toasted oats and coconut (technically not raw since they’re toasted, just uncooked)
*A bowl full of fresh pineapple (frozen would be fine, canned not as good)
*A small handful of roughly chopped macadamia nuts
*A little drizzle of agave because the pineapple was a little too tart
*A splash of almond milk (of course, whatever you like you’ll use)

That’s it.  I was over-the-moon in love with this combo.  It will help tide me over until Utah peaches have ripened and I can pick them up by the bushel.

See?  Vegan and gluten-free is not as scary as you thought.


I hope you all have a marvelous weekend!  We have a family birthday party to attend and strawberries to pick from our garden.   

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  1. Wow! That looks SO good! I’m off to check out the link about raw oats. I’ve never tried them but you’ve convinced me to give it a go.

    Love the video–and I try to surround myself with creative people so some of their creativity will rub off on me! (Why do you think I love reading your very creative blog?)

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