My Strawberry Patch.

My favorite thing about June is strawberries from my little patch.  They are so small and juicy.  I take the kids out with me in the morning and we pick the ripest berries.  The first round of berries is finished, so now we’ll wait until late summer for another crop.  I’ve been eating them every morning with raw oats and coconut milk.  I love summer.

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  1. I really like strawberries from small, well-loved patches. They are one billion times better than any store bought ones and they are so fleeting.
    This post really made me miss Oregon, actually. This time of year I can go to a patch and eat until I can’t look at another strawberry.

  2. Oh my goodness…with coconut milk & oats? YUM! I will have to try that. I am drooling right now.

    And I love your strawberry patch! I keep snipping off the “trailers” to avoid them filling in (someone told me they’ll produce more strawberries that way), but I might just give up the fight & let them fill in like yours…gorgeous!

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