Fritzy Boy.

This is my little guy, Fritz, last year when he turned 4.  What do you think of the fabulous cake?  (Please note sarcasm.  My vision was not realized.)

Today he turns 5.  It’s been a long, productive year for him.  He attended a special ed/speech preschool and finally started talking.  It was a blessing for him (and us) to have his amazing teachers who loved him and wanted him to succeed.

A sweeter boy never walked the earth.  He is a darling, sweet, happy little boy that brings joy into each day.

We’re taking him out for lunch to his favorite hamburger joint–the BYU Creamery and to the BYU Bookstore to pick out a little bag of his favorite candy.  And then on to Blickenstaff’s to pick out a new train.  If he’s really lucky, his mom will get her act together and make him a real cake this afternoon.  He’s requested a Green Apple Cake.  I’m still trying to understand exactly what he means–I’m pretty sure it’s not an apple spice cake like his dad and I would love.  It probably has more to do with color than anything.  Last year, as I’m sure you noticed, the cake was also green.

Happy Birthday to my darling son.  I’m so thankful God gave him to me 5 years ago.  All 9 lbs. 5 oz. of him.  I’ve been enamored ever since.

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