Double Magnum Bars.

Indulge me for a moment as I reminisce about, well, indulging.

The summer after high school graduation, I traveled to Italy for three weeks. It was a whirlwind tour that took in a dozen cities. Before I left on my trip, my AP Art History teacher and leader of this expedition, would casually joke about stopping every few minutes between cathedrals and museums to eat gelato and Double Magnums.

I had no idea what a Double Magnum bar was.  But I sure remember my first bar.  Um, have you ever had one? I bet if you have, you’ve eaten a dozen. Because you cannot eat just one. They are addictive.  And they are all the rage in Europe when it comes to ice cream cloaked in rich Belgian chocolate on a stick.

I saw some chatter a few weeks ago on Twitter about Magnum ice cream bars coming to the U.S. Just the thought of them took me back 12 years to the 10 lbs. I gained while walking all day long for three weeks around Italy. You do the math. :)

The next time I went shopping, I kept my eye out for them. I didn’t tell my husband, but I had a set amount of money to buy groceries for the week and I made sure I left enough to buy a box and brought it home as surprise. He was underwhelmed with the idea of buying ice cream bars when I made such delicious homemade ice cream.

The first bite was actually mine.  It’s just a matter of time before his skeptics were squashed.

But after one bite, he was completely smitten as was my oldest daughter.

We had a little bonding moment while we passed the bar around and took turns taking bites. Some bites were bigger than others. (Mine.)

If you’re shopping at Target, Walmart, or Walgreens check the frozen novelties section and snag a box.  According to the store locator on the Magnum website, I should also be checking some of my local grocery stores too.  I don’t know if this a good or bad thing.  Both probably.

The caramel hadn’t softened yet, so forgive the picture.  But you get the idea–creamy caramel sandwiched between layers of delicious chocolate.  Oh, man.

 The Double Caramel Magnum bars are my favorite because I simply love the layer of caramel between the chocolate, but they come in other flavors too–Double Chocolate, Classic, Almond, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate.  You can follow Magnum Ice Cream on Twitter and “Like” them on FB and profess your undying love.


Summer is here at last.  Now get a box.  Or three.

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  1. I was so excited to find out they were coming to the U.S. too! They’re at all the ice cream vendors in Central Park these days. Thankfully (for my waistline, at least), the $4 price tag has deterred me thus far, but now that I know they’re at Target……….

  2. I saw a commercial for these and thought they looked divine. NOw I know it is true. Unfortunately until I lose 10 more lbs – no desserts for me (if I can resist).

  3. I loved these in paris and can’t wait to buy some, though I seriously doubt I’ll share with my kids- they can have a popsicle!

  4. I just bought 2 boxes at Stop-n-shop for dessert tomorrow night. Thanks for the recommendation, I probably would have never noticed them (but I went looking after reading this.)

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