Hawaiian Breakfast.

While we were in Hawaii, I made our version of a Hawaiian Breakfast, or I should say that I made Aunt Robin’s version of  a HB.  Ever since we first ate this meal at her house years ago, my husband has been smitten with the artery-clogging, cloying breakfast.

What’s on the plate?  Spam marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce (equal parts Aloha soy sauce, sugar, and water with fresh garlic and ginger), Linguica (sweetened Portuguese style sausage), a scoop or two of white Calrose rice (Japanese sticky rice), a fried egg (can you even handle it???), fresh pineapple and pan fried Hawaiian sweet bread.  The only things we are missing are a hamburger patty and gravy.

(I had a bowl of cereal and fruit, in case you were wondering.)

True story:  It’s so good. Even with all my reservations and issues (spam? no, thanks), I will even admit that it’s one tasty breakfast.  You know; if you are someone who likes eating all of your weekly fat calories in one meal. :)

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