Cinco de Mayo

I’m not Mexican (or French), but I still love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  So funny how we have glommed onto that holiday and made it one of our own here in the U.S.

What are you making?  Us?  Well, I have some Springer Mountain Farms chicken thawing out so I can toss it into my favorite Cilantro Citrus marinade for tacos.  We’re cracking open a fresh coconut to drink before dinner.  ($1.99 at Sunflower yesterday.  Should’ve bought more than one.)  With dinner we’re having some Strawberry Agua Fresca, traditional Brazilian rice and beans (because that’s the only way the hubby likes it), homemade corn tortillas, and maybe if I get very ambitious we’ll have a fancy dessert made from the coconut cream I brought back from Hawaii topped with fresh pineapple.

And most likely the kids will want some quesadillas.

Speaking of Cinco de Mayo and Agua Fresca, you might want to check out my latest post over at Make and Takes.

Need some more ideas for Cinco de Mayo?
Jicama Black Bean Salad (I want some of this right now!)
Coconut Flan (and a very BAD picture)
Caramel-Topped Flan (from Dorie Greenspan)
(In case you missed it above, be sure to read this article by Adriana Velez called “You’re Celebrating Wrong–Cinco de Mayo is a French Holiday.”  Adriana, if you’re reading this, Hi! I miss you!)

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  1. I want to eat at your house tonight! i had big plans for today but remembering that we have friends coming into town tomorrow morning sort of killed my motivation to cook something awesome, so we will be having taco salad or nachos tonight.

  2. We are in Billings so I didn’t plan a dinner. We did have Mexican food for lunch so I guess that counts right. Your drinks look delicious. I want to try them out. The bottles look beautiful.

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