San Francisco Pics, Part Two.

More pictures! I am still having fun editing the photos in Lightroom. I wish I didn’t have to cook, clean, or take care of kids sometimes just so I could sit and play all day long.

Here it is in color. I loved all the funky plants at this stand.
From my hotel window
A little later in the morning from my hotel window.
At the Ferry Building
Taken by Gayle Vehar
Inside the Ferry Building (pre-crowd)
I love VW’s.
View of a marina taken with the 70-200mm lens.
At Miette in the Ferry Building. (more later on Miette)
a detail from the mushroom shop in the Ferry Building
More mushrooms!
At the scenic stop across from the GG Bridge showing what part of the city you’re looking at.
Pretty plants at the Ferry Building
Blossoms coming out for Spring–a little early, all the sunshine confused the trees
Taken with the 70-200mm lens

I have so many more pictures. You don’t mind, do you?

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  1. more! more! i love them all. i love the vw looking over the city most. and your beautiful face of course.

    miss you. wish i could have tagged along. what a dreamy trip

  2. Love the photos! You look gorgeous. When my sister and I went to SF, I think the Ferry Bldg was one of our favorite stops the whole trip! So many fun and yummy things.

  3. Oh my goodness. I have not been over here in 100 years it seems. And then I saw you over on Donna’s blog and thought, “Oh my goodness!” I “knew” Lindsey forever ago (in internet land) and the internet just keeps making me see how many connections there are.

    So here I am, droppin’ by again! :^D Hope you are well. Wish I could have known all you lovely bloggers were in SF. I would have just jaunted over there and hoped to run into all of you on the streets. ;^)

    Lovely pictures

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