San Francisco Pics, Part One.

Last month I was up late one night and I saw an e-mail from my friend Design Mom.  In case you haven’t heard, Gabby and Ben Blair have moved to France with their 6 kids.  Seeing as she was unable to make it herself, she asked me if I would represent her at a Photography Girls Getaway in San Francisco hosted by Adobe.

I smiled as I typed my immediate reply.  Before I had even talked to my husband. San Francisco is my favorite city. Even more than New York City. Even more than Florence. A little trip to SF by myself?  To take pictures?  And learn how to use Lightroom?  YES.  I am pretty sure I used a lot of capital letters and exclamation points.  The timing was perfect and boy was I ready for a little break.

The Adobe ladies escorted us around the city in a limo van(!) while we stopped and shot pictures at some select sites. Then the next day, Julieanne Kost, who is unbelievably funny, trained us on Lightroom 3.  (More about this later.  I have so much to tell you and so many pictures to show you.)

I also need to tell you a little about  I approached them about sponsoring me with some lenses for my trip.  They graciously accepted and sent me some great lenses to fit my Nikon D300–the 70-200mm f/2.8 AF-S VR II and 105mm f/2.8 AF-S VR Macro.  Those lenses made my trip.  It was fun to play around with them and try out different angles and shots.  I’ll share more about them this week too.  Totally, 100% recommend and I plan on using them again and again.

Here is a very small portion of the pictures I took. Once I get everything squared away, I’ll get them all on Flickr.

Ferry Building:

taken with my 50mm
with the 70-200mm lens
I think this was the 105mm
taken with MizBooshay’s 17-55mm lens (she let me try it b/c I forgot a wide angle lens)
taken with the 105mm
taken with my 50mm (I think)
Surrounding areas of the Grace Cathedral:
with the 105mm
with my 50mm
with my 50mm

Overlooking Lombard Street:

Lotus and MizBooshay

The Golden Gate Bridge from below on the SF side:

Can’t remember with lens, but edited in Lightroom with the preset cyanotype effect

Stay tuned…there’s more to come.  I’m just getting warmed up.

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  1. It was so nice to meet you! I am so glad you came. I loved this preview of your photos. I can’t wait to see more. So lucky that you got to play around with some fun new lenses, too!!

  2. Girl, you are blinding me with your photography genius. How exceedingly cool!

  3. I got lightroom for Christmas please pass on all the tips. I haven’t loaded on my computer yet because I need a new computer.

  4. Jolynn, I am happy to pass on any tips. The coolest thing? Julieanne Kost has weekly videos on Adobe TV where where she shows how to get started and little hints and tips. Here’s the link:

  5. Wow. Those are some spectacular photos. I love the door. Glad you got to go! Excited to hear and SEE more!

  6. I’m going to San Francisco next week! Now I’m even more excited! Lovely photos :)

  7. So beautiful. I wish I had an ounce of that photographic prowess. I’m totally going to visit that site you posted in the comments!

  8. Amazing pictures in an amazing city!

  9. Yay finally, I’ve been waiting to see how you liked the lenses! It sounds like it was a really great getaway with some good Lightroom training, I wish I could have been there! The pictures are beautiful, can’t wait to see more.

  10. Oh~ I just love your pictures. How positively wonderful that you got to go on this amazing trip! And how fun that you got some lens rentals. What a gift. Your pictures from the day are just spectacular. Miz Booshay is one of my most favorite bloggers and my ultimate favorite photographer. How fun that she sent me to visit today. Super nice to meet you! Hope you can go on some more fun trips soon! Love, Becky

  11. Great photos!! I am just getting ready to post another set of pics from our trip. I had SO much fun meeting you!

  12. Your photos are top-notch! Would you come spend a day baking with me to put photos on my site? When the brick oven is done?

  13. One of my favorite cities! Great photos!

  14. Gorgeous photos, Lindsey! I can’t wait to see the rest! :)

  15. I only live an hour and a half from SF. Next time let me know you’re so close and I’ll come up and say hi. Don’t worry I won’t embarrass you as you drive around the city in your limo.

    Can I just say I like Design Mom even more than when I first started reading her blog because of her generous spirit?

  16. I love your photos; post more!

  17. Beautiful. I was there in November and loved it. These pictures make we want to go back.

  18. ok, how in the world?!? did i miss this post? i thought all week, when is lindsey going to post about SF? i’m a dork. your photos are awesome. i love them all. it makes me want to get out and shoot something. but i have no motivation right now. i have heard lightroom is a better option than photoshop. i think i might look into it. oh and i’m thinking of selling my lens so maybe i will check out the rental place before i buy. love ya

  19. Lindsey!! WOW! You know I’ve always loved your photography. SO glad you had this opportunity given to you–who more deserving! These pic’s are amazing!!!!absolutely stunning!!


  20. Fantastic photos !
    I just feel like rubbing that basil in between my fingers; the texture in all of these is so great.

  21. Waaaay late comment, but just looking and loving your photos. I am thinking of renting some lenses – I think I’ll contact the company you mentioned. :)

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