White Bean, Goat Cheese, and Sun-Dried Tomato Salad

I allow myself a few cheats when it comes to the new eating regimen.  Goat cheese is one thing that I can’t live without.  That’s why I will never be a true vegan.  (I also still use the tiny sample tubes of Lansinoh I snagged from the hospital when I gave birth.  It makes my lips so soft and supple–not what you were thinking, right?)

I could not care less about giving up cow milk, but don’t you dare take my goat cheese away.  It doesn’t bother me the way cow’s milk does.  No tummy ache=a very happy Lindsey.  And I like to think that the goats are treated more nicely than dairy cows.  That they are owned by people like me who would dote on them, give them names, and pat them on the head before milking.  And maybe sneak them a little goodie now and then.  (True story–my husband had a student whose father is a goat farmer.  The goat got into the strawberry patch and the milk tasted like strawberries.  I’m willing to try that out one day.)

In case I haven’t convinced you that I love goat cheese, perhaps you could take a look at at the recipes I’ve made with goat cheese over the years.  (See the list at the bottom.)  I’m getting hungry just thinking about chevre.

Anywho, this is a salad I really like and sometimes make when I feel like I need a little something extra.  You know, when the beans just don’t hit the spot and I miss the creamy, satisfying taste that only cheese offers.  To me, goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes are the equivalent of two rights making a bigger right.  And with that, you can’t go wrong.

White Bean, Goat Cheese, and Sun-Dried Tomato Salad
(if you’re feeling extra sassy, add a few chopped kalmata olives)

A few big handfuls of your favorite greens (I used mixed baby greens, arugula would be fab)
3/4 cup more or less, cooked white beans (Cannelini, Great Northern, or Navy Beans)
1/4 cup julienne sliced marinated sun dried tomatoes (Trader Joe’s or Bella Sun Luci are my faves)
a little of the marinade from the sun-dried tomato jar, as dressing
splash of white wine or balsamic vinegar, if you want it
salt and pepper, to taste
optional–toss some fresh chopped herbs on top


Toss everything together and eat.  Easy, peasy.

I am usually make lunch for one, so if you are making this for more people, just use enough greens and adjust the other ingredients to taste or until you think it looks good.  I’m one of those people who think a good salad is chock full of goodies, not just greens.  Be generous and the salad will be more filling.  If you are making it as a side, then of course you can do whatever you want.  Actually, you can do whatever you want anyway.  That’s the beauty of it all.

If you find that you can’t find marinated sun-dried tomatoes, here are a few tips.  First, look past the shelf.  You might find them in the produce section.  That was the case last week when I was looking to replenish my stock.  The really expensive brand was by the olives, the cheaper brand (and the one I like the best), was by the fresh produce.

Second, you can make your own.  Simply buy the sun-dried tomatoes in a bag and slice them yourself, or buy them pre-sliced.  Put them in a jar with a bit of garlic, some herbs, and olive oil, maybe a little white wine vinegar.  You’ve made your own.  Keep them in the fridge and make sure the oil level stays above the tomatoes.  If you are truly die-hard, you might have even made your own sun-dried tomatoes from the excess in your garden.  Someday I want to be like Todd and Diane and make my own.

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Are you worn out from all these links?  I know I am.  I also know what I’m having for lunch today.  Hint:  It involves sun-dried tomatoes.  But you already knew that.

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  1. Oh, what pretty salad, and how luscious and creamy it looks indeed!! great idea!! Love the goat/strawberry milk story!

    I second HANNAH, I’d eat at your restaurant everyday too! :-)

    XO JennyKY

  2. Looks good!
    Just FYI – I just bought some goat cheese from Trader Joes and thought I would come search your blog for recipes. Thanks for doing the work for me.

  3. I am right there with you on the goat cheese. I LOVE it. Being pregnant, I’m abstaining from it right now, but I dream of grilled chicken and goat cheese (my favorite combination) practically once a week.

  4. I couldn’t give up cheese either. I do think goat cheese is easier to digest and so is sheep’s milk, but maybe that’s just me. Cow’s milk and I do not always get along but there’s just no way I’m giving up ice cream at this point. I’m in love with the sun-dried tomato and goat cheese combo by the way, I think it’s on the same level as chocolate and hazelnuts, and that’s pretty high up there!

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