Sometimes I Bake Wedding Cakes.

In January, I made a wedding cake for these two lovely people.

Meet Samantha and Chas Kelly.  Even if I wasn’t related to them (by marriage) I would love and claim them as my own.  (Sam is an amazing artist, by the way.  She has an Etsy shop called Can You Hear Me?  You should check it out.)

I offered to make their cake and hoped they’d say yes.  When they did, I was completely honored and took my responsibility seriously.  I even set up a special blog just about The Cake.  Basically, I had a marvelous time.  Sam had only one instruction–it had to be delicious.
Photo by Jan Dawson

The cake was delicious.  Even though my royal icing cake decorations broke into a million pieces…the cake ended up looking decent enough.  I had to step back and just let it be what it was.  And delicious is truly what it was, if I am allowed to toot my own horn.

The 12″ bottom layer was a coconut cake with a coconut-almond dacquoise (nut meringue) with dulce de leche filling.  The 10″ layer was an almond cake with homemade sour cherry jam filling.  The 8″ layer was one I took some creative license to creat.  It was a lavender-blueberry marble cake with Dorie Greenspan’s Lemon Cream Filling.  (I honestly cannot remember what the topmost layer was–I think it was the same as the 8″.)

There was a groom’s cake that I will be making again and posting since it’s such a good cake–chocolate+hazelnuts+caramel pastry cream.  And a side cake–my famous carrot cake.  (It’s only famous because it’s my mom’s very favorite cake and she requests it each year for her birthday.)

This week is another wedding cake.  I haven’t been taking on many outside projects lately.  I stay so busy with my kids and activities at church.  My sister’s brother-in-law is marrying a gorgeous girl who is a foodie.  How could I say no?

So far we have:

12″ square–pumpkin spice, white chocolate cream cheese filling

10″ square–almond with homemade peach-vanilla bean jam (Ashley’s recipe that I bottled in the fall)

8″ square–coconut with dulce de leche (it’s too good to not make it again)

6″ square–(a work in progress) something chocolate with marshmallow cream and chocolate ganache filling (layered respectively)

They are having a hot chocolate bar at the reception.  I suggested a few cookies to go along with it.  They will also be serving brownies and cheesecake (I think).  I made three of my favorite Christmas cookies.

*Pfeffernusse (pepper nuts)
*Chewy Ginger Cookies

I’ll post photos and recipes of the cake layers and the cookies over the next few weeks.


Don’t forget to e-mail me with your holiday party woes.  I will e-mail you back and answer your questions here on ye olde blog.  (Just as soon as the wedding cake is complete.)

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  1. I have eaten a lot of wedding cakes, most of them yucky and I can honestly say, those were the BEST cake, wedding, birthday, whatever celebration I have ever eaten. You have a true gift.

  2. Thanks, ladies. I love you too, Sam. Janice, thank you.

    Dalene–have you thought about your birthday cake at all? Or do you want me to surprise you?

    Allysha–thanks. I do love it so, so much. (And I miss you. We are practically neighbors. I’m just going to stop by one day and say hello.)

  3. Seriously, you are beyond amazing! Can you ship to NYC? My birthday is in March and I’ll take one of each. Thanks Love. ;). Or how about a cake of the month club?!

  4. Actually the photo wasn’t by Jan Dawson, it was by Eliza Dawson. He gets all the credit for the pictures, but sometimes his wife take them :) Just say’n…

    See you in a few days! I have a little Christmas present for you — I had big plans to wrap it all pretty, but seeing as I still haven’t packed, it might not be wrapped at all (let alone in a pretty way!)

  5. What a wonderful cake! Sam grew up around the corner from us and is dear friend with one of my daughters. What a lovely family you’re now connected to!

    I love your work, everything is beautiful.

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