TWD: 15 Minute Magic-Chocolate Amaretti Torte

If Holly had not chosen the recipe for the Fifteen Minute Magic: Amaretti Torte…well, I would have overlooked it. And then passed by it again and again as I flipped through Baking.

Want to know something else? I don’t think I’ve ever bought amaretti cookies before. (I’m sorry to say it–I have a thing against Italian cookies since living in NY. Ask me and I’ll tell you about it.)

This torte is divine. D.I.V.I.N.E.

The texture of this cake is somewhere between a flourless chocolate cake and a fudgy brownie (although it’s not even in the same class as a brownie). You have the creaminess of the chocolate, butter, and eggs, but THEN comes the crunch of the almonds and cookies. And the glaze! It’s sooooo good.

It just works. Dorie says it’s a good base for a hot fudge sundae. Uh, YEAH. I think so. It almost made me want to run out and buy (gasp!) some vanilla or cherry ice cream to scoop on top. (My freezer is, of course, full of other flavors at the moment.)

I served mine with sour cherry jam and almond cream (recipe on Holly’s blog) because all I could think about was Black Forest Cake sundaes made out of this torte. We have a think for Black Forest anything around here–ham, cakes…anything.

There are some recipes I’ve come across over the past few years that have become “my” recipes. They are the recipes that I will make over and over and perfect. They will become part of our family. This recipe is that kind of recipe.

You’ll love it.

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  1. Yum. It looks absolutely fab. Thank you so much for letting me know where I could find the cookies. I never would have thought to look there!

  2. Wow! What a recommendation! I guess I’ll have to give it a whirl.

    If I hadn’t just bought a full cake from Whole Foods yesterday….

  3. That is a glowing recommendation if I ever saw one! I loved this cake, too! But why do you hate Italian cookies after living in NY? Is it because they are EVERYWHERE YOU TURN?! Hahaha I have to say, though, I love them… but I am probably biased because I am half Italian and grew up in an extremely Italian town on Long Island where the main language spoken is not English, but Italian! Ha!

  4. haha, BUY ice cream? i couldn’t stay out of my amaretti cookie bag, i almost ate them all before i made the cake. :)

    looks beautiful.

  5. So, you liked it, huh?! :-)

    Okay you know I’m gonna ask…what’s the scoop (get it, hee-hee) with Italian cookies?

    By chance is there some marshmallow ice cream in your freezer.

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