Cake Slice Bakers: Chai Cake with Honey-Ginger Cream

There are practically no words to describe how good this cake is. It’s that good.

This cake…oh, this cake. When we voted on which cake to make for April, I was so happy my fellow bakers chose this one. I hurried and made it as soon as I could.

I used Twinings and there were plenty of tea bags left to make another cake (which I did) and even another (which I will). If I drank tea, I’d drink Chai each and every day.

Man it was good in this cake.

To add to the chai tea flavor, the recipe calls for adding my favorite spice of all–cardamom and some cinnamon. I might go heavier on the cardamom next time.

Neither of my two cakes rose up very much. With the first cake, each layer sank horribly in the middle. It was so moist and delicious that we didn’t care. But I didn’t take any pics because it wasn’t so pretty.

The second attempt was better. The cake layers still sank a bit in the middle and it was drier. I ended up brushing the layers with a simple syrup. (That was probably a mistake even though it did make it moist.)

Anyway, I’m going to make it again and try to adjust the recipe for altitude. I know that’s why it was dry and didn’t rise up so much. The recipe uses a huge amount of baking powder. I just need to keep trying. :)

The frosting makes the cake. It’s made in the food processor and whipped to creamy perfection. We ate the extra frosting with blackberries. And it made me think that I need to make a Honey-Ginger Ice Cream to go with blackberries.

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Oh? You want the recipe? Click here.

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  1. Honey ginger ice cream!??!?! Be still my heart! The cake looks AMAZING! That photo with the icing dripping down the back of the slice??? To DIE for!

  2. Sounds divine and I’ve not tried making anything with cardamom! You’ve made it twice already and are planning a third, huh?! I agree with the other two commenter you did get the prefect icing drips! :)

  3. That last picture looks like caroot cake. It looks great and Honey-Ginger Ice Cream sounds wonderful. You should serve it with Chai cookies and you’d have a whole new take on this dessert!

  4. I don’t know why I didn’t make this cake. I have to. I love cardamom more than anything.
    It looks amazing and from your rave review, I am sure it tastes just as good.

  5. I certainly agree with you that the cake is absolutely delicious. I’ll be baking this again another time with my left over tea bags too. It’s likely that your center is moist because the baking time was either inssuficient or there was too much batter in the pan. Thus the outside could be baked but not the center part.

  6. Oooh, yours *does* look good, all drippy with icing. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    I think the icing recipes from Sky High are worth their weight in chai tea.

  7. Oh I love this variation. I think this might have worked a lot better for me.

    I love how yours turned out! I think I would have liked that better too!

    I always trying new ones and i cant wait to give this one a try,..!!!!

    thanks for sharing.!!!!

  8. That looks sooooo good. And beautiful too. Wanted so bad to make this. But life got in the way. Chai is my favorite – tea and otherwise. Try the Stash Double Spice Chai Black. Great tea.

  9. That sounds SO incredibly good! And I had no idea chai was available in teabags – last time I made it ( years ago) I had to boil spices in milk and strain it. Thank you for such an amazing recipe and some mighty lovely photos!

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