Open Plan Kitchen

Last week I saw this kitchen from Rainer Spehl over at Blue Ant Studio. I really dig it.

Funny enough, it sort of reminds me of the kitchen I had in NY. (But in a fond way.) This kitchen has ten times more counter space.

There’s just this part of me that loves exposed cupboard contents. (And I love that bread box and wooden bowls, too.)

I love this sink even though I love my own double sink so much.

(All images via Blue Ant Studio. Used with written permission.)

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  1. Are those concrete countertops? Wow.

    I think the contents of my cupboards wouldn’t show so nicely. Half-crushed bags of Marshmallow Mateys and Toasty-Ohs wouldn’t have the same visual appeal.

  2. I dream for a kitchen like that, especially with that much cupboard space. But I agree with the others that the open cupboards might not look so good in reality.

  3. I know–in a dream world I would have all my pretty dishes on display with my cookbooks and other cool things (that I don’t own yet.) But for now, it’s more like what Jeri said–bags of cereal.


  4. I love that kitchen..I think I would need to hide the seven jars of peanut butter and multiple random orange bowls and make everyone think I just lived in white dishes/neatness :). I also love the bread box!

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