Fresh Eggs

I have a super nice friend named Nat. Guess what? She has four chickens.

This is one of them. (I love, love, love this picture Nat took.)

What do lady chickens do? Lay some of these beauties…

She shared with me. Isn’t she the best? When I showed my husband he forbade me from using them for anything other than eating. The yolks are so yellow and they taste so good.

My dream is to have a little, old, pioneer house of my own someday on a big plot of land so I can have chickens for fresh eggs and a goat so I can make fresh goat cheese. And we’ll have a garden, too, with lots of strawberries and herbs. And I’ll be in paradise.

(P.S. She also brought me a bottle of the best homemade lemonade ever. We drank that too quickly for a picture.)

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  1. That’s awesome! They’re beautiful. I bet you will have the home of your dreams someday! Did we eat a fresh egg in Norway?

  2. HI Lindsey,

    I’ve been trying to post for a long time. Something on my computer has kept me from it…hmm…and I have NO idea why. Anyway, have missed posting here…..HOPING this works!

    SO glad you have a nice friend who shares her fresh eggs. There is nothing like it. My daughter has some hens too! it’s so cool. She brings me eggs, and they are so gorgeous. isn’t it amazing the difference? I have to say I did bake cupcakes using her eggs, and I got raves over them. I think it was the eggs!!(I know your hubby would hate to hear that) shhh…;-)

    I hope you get your dream pioneer home someday too!

    Jenny from KY!! XOXO

  3. P.S. gorgeous pic of that pretty hen. :-)

    Also, loved the pretty bowl the eggs were in!

    Jenny from KY!

  4. HEY! That’s totally my dream, too! Right down to the goat cheese. In my fantasy we live in southern France, but in reality we’ll probably be somewhere in the intermountain west. Oh well, the chickens won’t know the difference, right?

    (You don’t know me, btw. Total lurker here. Love the blog.)

  5. Ok, I don’t like chickens, and I pretty much never want to raise them (had enough of that when I was a kid) but I will absolutely come steal your fresh eggs anytime.

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