Sweetheart’s Breakfast Ideas

A few ideas I have kicking around in my brain for possible Valentine’s Day breakfasts:

(image via Williams-Sonoma)
Waffle Napoleons with Raspberry Cream

(image via Williams-Sonoma)

Brazilian French Toast

(image via Williams-Sonoma)

Brûléed Orange French Toast

Homemade Poptarts

Crepes with Fresh Rhubarb and Strawberries (can you even find rhubarb at this time of year?)

Croissants ( a lofty goal unless I buy them…)

Or the old standby–

(image via Martha Stewart)
Heart-shaped Pancakes (using my favorite recipe from Cooks’ Illustrated)

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  1. Have you made the Brazillian french toast? They are really good, but deep fried in the morning made me feel a little gross. That brulle one looks amazing!!

  2. Carrian–
    I haven’t ever made the Brazilian French Toast, but I had something similar when I was in Costa Rica one time. (And yes, I know Central America and Brazil are totally different. And I don’t even know if they really eat French Toast in Brazil…I’ll have to ask my Brazilian relatives…)

    Anyway, I think that’s actually what I’ve decided to make, but we will NOT be deep frying–just in a bit of oil or butter in the nonstick skillet. :)

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