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In January 2009, the Salt Lake Tribune mentioned Cafe Johnsonia as a Utah blog worth checking out.

Studio 5: In January 2009, Stephanie Younger, a featured guest, named Cafe Johnsonia as one of her favorite blogs and said some pretty darn nice things about Lindsey, too. writer Leo Dirr named Cafe Johnsonia as one of the ten hottest food blogs in UT.

Good Things Utah: March 10, 2009. Lindsey and two other bloggers (Holly Hanks and Becky Olsen) appeared in a segment featuring Utah Food Bloggers.

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  1. Hi girl!

    Well, I totally agree with all this nice people who said wonderful things about you and your blog.

    It’s my first time here, but I can tell you are working hard to create such a beautiful site with very good recipes.



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