TWD: Linzer Sable Cookies

Dennis, a.k.a. Noskos made a great choice this week. Please visit his blog, Living The Life, for the recipe.

‘Tis the season for baking cookies. I was so excited to try these cookies. I have fond memories of my friend making some Linzer cookies during the Holidays and generously sharing a few with me. They are rather time consuming to make. Not hard; they just require a bit of time.

I have had an aversion to rolling out cookies for the past few years because I didn’t have counter space sufficient for much of anything, let alone rolling out cookies.

My new kitchen (if it’s ever clean enough for a photo shoot, I’ll post pictures) has a bit more space.

The dough was really good. Next time I will use almond meal instead of grinding up my own almonds. You can see that they weren’t as finely chopped as they probably should have been. I was afraid I would end up with almond butter.

I used my tiny, 2″ star cutter and a pastry tip, like Dorie suggests in the recipe, to make a hole in the center.

For sake of simplicity, I used some seedless strawberry jam to fill the cookies. (Raspberry is my favorite in any instance, but especially in Linzer cookies.)

The bottoms and the tops.

I can’t wait to take these pretty cookies to my neighbor this afternoon. I know how much she loves jam and cookies.

Next week: Sugar Cookies

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  1. So you finaly found the time to make these! I’m so glad… because a TWD wouldn’t be the same without your oh! so beautiful baking! Very pretty! Enjoy your new kitchen… I’m anxious to see it!

  2. Those are lovely – and I think the strawberry jam adds a nice pop of festive color. I also will use pre-ground nut meal next time – the nut chunks were a tad too rustic for me.

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