TWD: Buttery Jam Cookies

(Please visit Heather’s blog, Randomosity and the Girl for this week’s recipe.)

This week’s recipe for Buttery Jam Cookies seemed so promising. I love jam and I love cookies. Even more than that, I love butter and jam…and cookies together.

I used organic apricot jam and ground ginger. I could barely taste the jam, and the ginger was too overpowering. I’m pretty sure I made them correctly because the texture was like Dorie said it would be–more like a biscuit. Not always a bad thing. But not what I was hoping.

These cookies were easy to make and pretty good–not amazing.

My opinion of them changed several times. First I thought they were awesome (as I sampled the dough), then I thought they were so-so (warm off the cookie sheet), really good once they had cooled, and not so great the next day. I even made a second batch with raspberry preserves and cardamom. They were even worse. (Edit–raspberry and cardamom is a great combo, it just didn’t work for these particular cookies.)

Verdict today:

If you like cookies that are cakey and doughy, these are for you. If you like buttery, crisp, or chewy cookies with more flavor, then look to another recipe.

Next week: Real Butterscotch Pudding (Bring on the booze!)

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p.s. That’s my homemade wassail in the tea cup. Stay tuned for the recipe.

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  1. Pretty picture. I liked the cookies. I thought they were buttery and biscuity. I like how you kept yours looking round. I was a scaredy cat and flattened mine out! Good job, girl!

  2. Its too bad you didn’t enjoy them! You could always send them our way! Your presentation of the cookie is lovely! Can’t wait to see the wassail recipe!

  3. Evethough you didn’t enjoy them so much, they still reflect the same perfection we know you so well for, Lindsey!
    Beatifully round and evenly pale… BRAVO!

  4. Cakey and puffy? I guess I won’t like these then. They look really nice though! Don’t you love the testing process of cookies.. I try to stop myself from sampling until they’re cool or else I’d just be eating too many!

  5. Your cookies look so nice. How did you keep the shape? I couldn’t agree more with your assessment, I loved these and I love cakey and doughy cookies :)

  6. Sorry they weren’t your favorite. Fortunately they were a big hit in my house. The cardamom version sounds like it would be good – bummer that it wasn’t!

  7. Thanks for the comments!

    Raspberry and cardamom is one of my favorite combos. I think I got the amount of cardamom wrong because it took over–like it sometimes does.

    Can’t wait to check out all of yours!

  8. I love that tea cup. And yes, this recipe was just “blah.” Raspberry and cardamom is a great combination – sorry that one didn’t work out either.

  9. I, too, found they tasted much much better the day after. Two days later and the flavour is still improving. I added chopped candied ginger to mine which was a delightful addition!

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