Red is the new black in my book. I can’t get enough of it.

(Right to left, top to bottom)
Waring Pro Blender, Infinity Instruments Retro Round Metal Wall Clock, Buick Red Bread Bin from Typhoon, Buick Red Funky Scale from Typhoon (I have the Italian Job Scale in Red), Vintage Red Sugar Caddy from Typhoon, Cosco Retro Chair/Foot Stool, Big Chill Refrigerator, The Crosley 302 Desk Phone, Tea and Toast Butter Dish from Anthropologie.


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  1. Red IS the new black. I was at Crate and Barrel the other day and items that were exactly the same, save that they were red (instead of blue, green, or yellow) cost almost twice as much. I guess the execs at C&B are trying to make money off of the red craze.

    Also, I have that very wall clock and I love love love it.

  2. RED is my favorite color too!! We actually had a red telephone when I was growing up. As a kid, I LOVED it-thought it was sooooo gorgeous! (still do) ;-)

    Love all these red items. Thx for sharing!

    Jenny from KY!

  3. Wow-I checked out the Typhoon Housewares site….LOVE it! I like the vintage cannisters, etc.

    thanks for the link! :-)

    jenny from KY!

  4. wow, i’d LOVE a red retro fridge! that’s awesome. i’ve been going nuts for red lately, too. i want the clock, and the butter dish, and the phone, and… :)

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