More IKEA Madness!

Remember when I posted about my dining room plans last month? Well, I finally got my husband to trek over to IKEA to check out the furniture I wanted to buy. (He secretly loves going there, I know it.)

It turns out that he really had his own definite plans as to what we were going to get. And you know what–I liked his ideas better than mine. He did compromise and let me get the chairs I really, really wanted.

(The Norvald chair, shown in black.)

They were out of the chairs from the Stockholm line. I’m going back to get a few of these because they are AWESOME and I am totally in love with the way they look. (Much better quality than some of the other chairs…)

And this is the table we got–

I love it. Plain and simple.

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  1. Great choices!!! has a little retro feel to it. I would give anything to have my mom’s table and chairs from the 60’s. I love simple lines too! how exciting. :-)

    jenny in Ky!

  2. I am way envious of your new table. I have been eyeing that dining room set. I bet it looks amazing with your wallpaper. I love the mixture of vintage and modern.

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