IKEA Madness: My Dining Room Plans

One of the great things about moving back to my home state is that I have so much family around. And when you have three cute kids (like I do) you can EASILY persuade your mom and your sister to spend that day at IKEA with you while you look at stuff.

Because my budget won’t allow for those lovely fiberglass shell chairs, I’m going to have to settle for something a little more in my range. (Oh, and did I mention my husband is not so fond of the shell chairs? Hmph.)

My dining room is a good size, but you have to walk through it to get to the rest of the house. There is an archway at one end leading to the living room and two doors off the other end that go to my kitchen and our office. Our current hand-me-down dining room set is just too big for the room. (And I don’t love it so much either.)

Because we were never been able to eat dinner together as a family in our old place (read: no room), I am making our dining room a priority when it comes to purchasing new furniture.

I totally love this MARKÖR dining room table.

It’s a good size, rectangular, and sturdy. (Some stuff from IKEA isn’t as sturdy…) And I love the dark brown. It sort of conjures up images of a farm table for me–something I would love to have again someday. (Our old farm table was being eaten by wood beetles and we had to part with it.)

Remind me to show you a picture of my crazy dining room wallpaper (which I actually sort of like) and the stylin‘ wood paneling ala the 1970’s. I have to work with what’s there–my landlord doesn’t permit us to change anything cosmetic.

I think I will get two of these NORDEN benches.

My husband’s aunt actually suggested this because a bench is much easier to push out of the way to clear the path when the dining room isn’t being used. Plus super fun for the kiddies to sit on.

I will sand and stain/paint the benches to match the end chairs. I’m also going to beg my mom to help me learn how to sew cushions for the benches. Not quite sure yet on the fabric…

And two of these INGOLF chairs will be for the table ends.

They come in red and white also, both of which would match the crazy wallpaper.

While I’m at it, I think I will move my armoire turned make-do china closet into the living room and replace it with this chest of drawers that will serve as a make-do buffet. It also comes in the same dark stain as the table. I have an old table runner that belonged to my grandmother that will go on top. And perhaps I will showcase my cake platters–if my children will leave them alone.

As wall decor, I have decided to use mirrors. (This could backfire because of the wallpaper…I hope not.)

I already own an oval beveled mirror that I bought from Pottery Barn about seven years ago.

I think I will hang this mirror horizontally over the chest of drawers/buffet.

On another wall I think I will hang a clock similar to this, or if I can, the very same one–

(image from www.homedecorators.com)

I love clocks and this is one thing that will go with the crazy wallpaper.

I am also planning on making some silhouettes of our little family to go on another wall, as they will also coordinate with the crazy wallpaper.

The last thing to find is a rug that will cover the forest green carpet–it doesn’t match the wallpaper. And I’m thinking carpet in a dining room and two small children aren’t going to mix.

Two options are standing out in my mind–either an area rug or a piece of remnant carpet that I can have cut to fit the room. In any case it has to be something that is relatively stain resistant and hides the inevitable spills. I still don’t like the idea of carpet, but at least we won’t ruin the existing carpet.

What do you think about my plans?

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  1. I love the dining table and bench chairs. Since I dont have a house to decorate yet its fun to live vicariously through you. Can’t wait to see pics of the whole setup!

  2. I hope we get to see the finished room plus the wallpaper, I am intrigued. I love the benches. I always wanted them in my kitchen. I think it would solve a lot of, “she’s sitting in MY chair!”

    I hope you have lots more space there than you did in NY.

  3. I think the silhouettes will look fantastic. In fact, you’ve got me thinking that I should do some for my family room. Great idea. Can’t wait to see the finished room.

  4. Look into Flor! They have essentially peel and stick carpet squares, some of which are made to go over other carpet. They have several high-traffic/easy to clean styles. Plus, if they get super dirty, you can pull up the square and clean it. Push comes to shove, just replace the square.

  5. L- I’m not sure if you’ve already made your purchases, but we have *loved* our table and chair set from World Market – the quality is incredible for the price. Check them out for sure! They also often run sales and have additional % off coupons.

    (Check my blog for pictures of the one we bought. It’s called the Chemia)

    Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  6. I love all your decorating ideas. I LOVE to decorate and think of new things to do with my house..it’s so fun! One thing I heard about benches for dining purposes is they are not comfortable on ones back..I saw that on HGTV the other day. I love them but that made me rethink getting them. I guess for little kids it would be fine.

  7. I like your ideas – especially the table and the bench. One word of caution about Ikea dressers – they haven’t held up well for us. After awhile the drawers do pull apart.

  8. I agree with the last comment. I enjoy Ikea too, but I won’t ever buy furniture from them again. Our boys have a dresser that’s about two years old that’s had it. I’ll buy other things, but not furniture from them.

  9. Our kitchen has crazy wallpaper too! I have never bought furniture from IKEA but I have really enjoyed all the accessories for the kids rooms.

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