First Comes Baby, Then Out Comes The Gallbladder….

I appreciate all the bids and comments below. I just had the chance to go through them.

On Friday afternoon I called my husband at work and made him come home to take me to the ER. I had been having what I finally figured out were gallbladder attacks for the past two weeks and I was sure Friday was the worst of it.

I was right!

It turned out that not only was my gallbladder full of small gallstones, I also had a bad case of Pancreatitis due to some of those gallstones migrating down the bile duct. (If you were wondering, it was more painful than childbirth–seriously.)

So, after a few nights in the hospital for observation, IV fluids, and blood tests, they determined they could remove my gallbladder on Sunday morning.

I’ve never had surgery before and I was petrified. But, all is well. I am very sore. I still don’t know how anyone can be up doing things after gallbladder surgery. After I hit “post” I’m heading back down to bed.

That’s why you don’t see any yummy cookies for Tuesday With Dorie today, my friends!

And I will contact the winning bidders in a few days when I feel more up to being a member of real life again.

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  1. Poor you! That is a lot on your plate at once. I wish I could bring dinner over, but blast you had to go and move across the country! Rest, and heal and get better soon.

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry! I had the same problem. About two weeks after my little boy was born it was gallstone after gallstone. Yup, definetly more painful then childbirth. Finally got that removed and then it was on to kidney stones. Hope that curse of all curses doesn’t happen to you. Love you and miss you. Get well soon.

  3. Oh no – poor you!! With so much going on, too. I have several friends who have had to go through gall bladder surgery right after having a baby…….and they all would agree that it is much worse than childbirth.
    Hope you are well soon!! Get some much deserved R&R & take care~

  4. I just had my gallbladder out two weeks ago… took over a week to feel normal… couldn’t eat.. only wanted to be in bed. So i know what our going though. Get well soon!

  5. Oh, Lindsey! That sounds awful. I can’t imagine going through all of that with a newborn to care for. How is Betta doing? I would love to talk to you! Call me. I’ll call you back with my cell phone.

  6. Oh NO! This very same thing happened to my sis-in-law last year a week or so after she had my niece. Not a fun time. I am so sorry!!! Get some rest and feel better soon.

    Thinking of you!

    Wendy from Flippin’ Sweet

  7. holy cow that stinks. i hope you recover quickly. how do you like being back in UT? is your hubby at uvu? i remember you posting a maybe about that a while ago.

  8. Oh Lindsey! Poor you! My heart and prayers go ou to you. You have sure had a lot to cope with this month. I hope and pray that you are up and about and feeling in the pink soon! (((hugs)))

  9. oh my goodness lindsey! i hope you recover soon… my mother in law had that but hers become a complicated issue and she ended up becoming diabetic from it. Luckily you took care of it right away. I send you big hugs!

  10. Oh goodness! You’ve got a lot going on. On the upside, you will feel better now that you’ve got the gallbladder out. My husband had his removed earlier this year and he said that he hasn’t felt this good (you know, once you’re all healed, etc) in ages.

    Take care of your sweet baby and YOU!!

  11. what?!?! HOLY COW Lindsey that sucks you had to go through all this AND while still recovering from childbirth! I am glad at least family was around to hopefully help out and I hope nursing wasn’t an issue because of the emergency!?! Speedy recovery to you a million times over.feel better fast! and kiss that adorable Betta for me.

  12. I had my gallbladder out two years ago (at 23!!!). I know what you mean about the pain and the recovery. Every time I stood up, I felt like everything was going to fall out! Yuck! I held a small pillow to my abdomen when I had to get up. :-)
    Nice to know it’s worse than childbirth… Gives me hope! ;-)
    I hope you heal quickly!!!

  13. Oh dear – I left you a comment on your Nie Nie auction post asking you to verify the total for the final bid (I’m helping to gather the totals). Obviously – I’ll just wait to hear from you when you are feeling better. Just contact me at k8****@gm***.com to let me know when you do finalize things with your highest bidder and let me know what your auction total is.

    So sorry! And I hope you recover quickly!

  14. I can’t believe you! Baby, move across country, have gall bladder out. This better be it. I hope you recover quickly. We sure miss you here in NY.

  15. Lindsey-what a bummer! Your body has taken a beating lately. I hope all is well and you recover quickly! We sure miss you, and wish we could do more to help. Love, Kathryn C.

  16. Hey my long, lost cousin !! I was so sad to hear that you had to go to the hospital after your delivery. I hope that everything is going well for you and I can’t wait to see you now that you are back in Utah !! Give me a call sometime. Love ya !

  17. Just letting you know that you are still in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you are getting better and recovering well from all your ordeals! (((hugs)))

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