White Peach Ice Cream

Because I’m so mean, I’m going to make you wait for the recipe until later today or tomorrow. Or whenever I can get my act together long enough to write out all the directions. It’s not that detailed really, just a few more steps than usual.

But because I am so nice and I love you guys, I offer you the pictures so you can drool over your computer screen. (Okay, it’s because I’m really mean.)

This is what you do when you get back from the market and discover that all your carefully selected white peaches are completely squashed. I wiped away my tears and a big smile came over my face. What to do? ICE CREAM.

And there is no better way to eat this ice cream than with more sliced peaches on top. Thank goodness the yellow peaches fared alright on the way home. Otherwise I might have had to make TWO batches of peach ice cream.

Not that anyone would have really complained…

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  1. That’s called making lemonade from lemons! Well done Lindsey. Looking foward to the recipe. I guess I’ll have to make some room in my freezer for my ice cream pail thingie. I better go do that now!

  2. I just found your blog and I love it!! I have been reading it for the past 30 mins! Thanks for so many great recipes. I will be back daily!

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