Summer Menu #9: Pasta and Salad

I’ve gotten a bit lazy over the last few weeks. I’m trying to clean out my fridge, freezer and cupboard so our meals have been less than stunning…and a little strange.

Lucky for me, it’s just about time to start harvesting the goods from my porch garden. Today we started with the basil.

This is one of the best salads I’ve made over the last few months, and the fresh basil made such a good pesto. Over all, it was a very satisfying end to a hot summer day.

White Bean, Roasted Red Pepper, Prosciutto Salad

Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce

Chicken Sauteed in Olive Oil

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  1. Lots of goodness here today Lindsey! Making your own pesto is so satisfying. Homemade tastes incredible! Yours look fabulous!

  2. your blog is beautiful–i also have a little porch garden and planted lots of basil and mint this year so I could make pesto all summer! I’ll stop by for sure again!

  3. Mmm! I just love all these summer menus you’re doing. Summery food is my favourite kind of food. Is there a chance you could make a Summer Menu category so I can find all the summer menus very easily and then whip up a delicious, light meal?

    I just love the look of your quinoa and bulgur pilaf!

  4. hi, i went to high school with you and saw your name on the site, and i dont know you but I am in love with your blog and your recipes! your amazing and I was wondering if I could add you on my list, so I could become a cook?? I love the 4th of July menu!!

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