Garden Update

Our little porch/patio/balcony garden is doing splendidly well. It has been so fun for our kids to see the seeds sprout and turn into recognizable plants. We’re still waiting on a few herbs and plants to take off, but we know if we’re patient…

On Memorial Day we headed to The Home Depot and bought some bigger pots and more soil so the faster growing plants had more room to grow. We also purchased a serrano chile plant, as well as a regular tomato plant. (I am still waiting to see how my cherry tomatoes will fare–they are from seed.)

My husband had the brilliant idea of placing a layer of rocks under the soil to help with drainage. It was intuitive as it poured rain two days later and would have drowned our happy little plants. Now, no huge worries when it down pours–and it often does in this area of the U.S.

(My kids had the best time rinsing off the rocks to put in the bottom of the pots.)

So far this is what we’ve planted:

Serrano chiles

Regular tomatoes



Peas–much happier in a bigger planter

Red lettuce mix

Cherry Tomatoes
Mesclun mix

If the lettuce works…I’ll be so happy! Fresh organic salads all summer long!

Our next purchase is going to be hanging strawberry plants that I saw on The Kitchn.

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  1. I like this strawberry idea. There is one for tomatoes too called the Topsy Turvy (or something like that)…

    I am about to embark on my very first ever attempt to grow things… Wish me luck!

  2. Love your porch garden! I have a bunch of sweetcorn growing in pots in my garden right now. I think pots are the way to go sometimes!

  3. Hi dear, very nice your balcony, good idea, I do miss my garden but it’s few hours aways from where I live now so I can’t go all the time, maybe I should try with my balcony. I made your dulce de leche ice cream, it was divine, thanks, I love dulce de leche, I also made a dulce de leche mousse with mascarpone. I saw your peanut butter torte, really nice.
    :-) Trisha

  4. What lovelies! Congratulations on your garden. I love the hanging strawberries idea. We’ve given up on fruits & veggies partly because the rooftop vermin kept getting to them first (gross), but I think we’d beat them with the strawberries!

    Please post updates — I love seeing gardens grow.

    Or nasturtiums have just started blooming!

  5. Looks like I took a similar trip to Lowes! Our tomato plant already has two flowers (we plnated it in the soil and used bamboo to secure it straight), our mint is growing wild and so is our Thai basil!! My lettuce looks very much like yours at this point and I can’t wait for a caprese salad!! I keep singing to the baby’s breath to finally go crazy!!

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