Garden Update #3

(the peas growing wildly in and out of their container)

Our porch garden has come a long way in three weeks since my last little garden update. And a really long way since we first planted seeds at the beginning of May.


This picture was taken yesterday afternoon, and just this morning I noticed an actual blossom. Oh, how we’ve been waiting for some pretty flowers to bloom!

(Red Lettuce)

I’m so ready to turn that lettuce into a salad.

(serrano chiles)

Look! A cute little serrano is growing!

(regular tomatoes)

There are about 5 or 6 tomatoes growing that are about the size of a small cherry.

(cherry tomatoes)

The cherry tomato plants are more than ready to be transplanted to a bigger pot. But, that’s my husband’s job…so maybe this weekend?

(basil–above and below)
The basil is growing out of control. I need to transplant the basil, too. My mouth waters when I think of the pesto we’ll be making soon.

(also pictured–my mesclun mix that also needs to be transferred to a bigger pot)

We are still waiting for the chamomile to take off. I am going to use the leaves to make Chamomile Ice Cream one of these next weeks.

Of all my herbs, the cilantro has grown the best. Last time it died within a few weeks. The chives are barely thriving, the oregano has just started growing (finally), the parsley may die soon, the lavender just started peeking above the soil, and the thyme died a few weeks ago (it drowned after a big rain storm).

The impatiens are growing (you can see them in the upper right corner of the above picture). And we never got around to ordering those hanging strawberry baskets. Maybe next year…

I’m so happy that our little garden it thriving!

How is your garden growing?

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  1. Seeing your thriving garden just makes me so happy. Mine is not faring so well–I just had to replant the beans and the carrots last night after our renegade bunny ate the three carrots shoots that made it and only three and one-half bean plants made it past sprout stage. But we will be swimming in tomatoes and my little herb garden is stable.

    Have you posted your pesto recipe before? I’d love to try it.

  2. We have a garden too this year but its in our yard. We planted: tomatoes (red and yellow and cherry ones), green peppers, red peppers, chili peppers, squash, zucchini and eggplant. Last weekend we picked 6 cherry tomatoes that were ripe and my hubby hogged them down himself! Your porch garden looks fabulous!

  3. My cilantro is not growing at all. I’m so bummed out.

    Also, my basil is small and yellowish, so I don’t know about it.

    My peas, tomatos, squash, jalapenos and chard are growing like gangbusters.

  4. beautiful! my chamomile has not flowered yet either. by th way, i’ve been meaning to ask you without trying to be too nosey… when are you due? is it getting close?

  5. You have a beautiful garden. My backyard and patio face west and the heat of the sizzling El Paso sun. I’ve tried growing herbs before, but just as they are sprouting, the sun burns them off. Congratulations on your gardening endevours. Lovely site.

  6. Your garden looks wonderful and I’ve loved watching it grow!
    My husband and I have been trying to grow a few things but they seem kind of slow coming and I’m worried we planted too late in the season… I guess we’ll see! :-)

  7. My herbs are holding strong, despite the cold. Sage died, it’s true, and I’m so sad! But I’m lucky to be able to grow basil, chives and parsley in the winter.
    Your garden is absolutely beautiful, Lindsey, and you have so many different types of herbs!

  8. Very impressive Lindsey!!! Well done! I don’t seem to have much success growning chives for some reason, yet the ones up at the big house where I work thrive! My dad always grew chives with no problems as well, not me, though. I must have a black thumb for chives!

  9. Hooray, blooms on the nasturtiums! Your garden looks lovely.

    My “nasties” are going crazy still. I can’t keep up. I think we’re going to need another mint, plant, because with this hot weather we keep using it.

    Very impressed with the cilantro. That’s hard to grow.

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