Kitchen Appliance Smackdown

(Nerd alert!)

My good friend, Tania, told me about this website that has awesome videos you can watch that compare KitchenAid Pro 600 mixers and Bosch Universal mixers. Let me just say that my inner nerd was so riveted. (For the record, I don’t think scientists are nerds. Just me.)

Which one does better with bread dough? Click here.

What about meringue? Click here.

I’m still very happy I own both. And I think I may just have to do some testing on my own…

For those who don’t have the time or don’t want to watch the videos, the Bosch kicked butt. (Duh. It has more wattage than the KA.) And did you know that you can test your KA to see if the paddle is getting to the bottom of the bowl and then adjust it yourselves? (I know what I’m doing today!)

Oh, yes. I do love kitchen appliances; they are almost like children to me.

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  1. The serious cooks in my neighborhood have both too. We just got a KA a few months ago and it’s the first one of either I’ve had.. I love it. It’s so pretty, but my husband has taken to calling it the cookie maker because that’s mostly what I know how to do with it.

    Marta’s quiche too. Did you ever try that Spinach quiche? It’s my new take to sick people dinner. :)

  2. That is good to hear about the Bosch. I have the one you show here, I got it for a wedding present. But I always hated it because I grew up with a Kitchen Aid and wished I had that instead. But I have come to love my bosch and there really is a ton you can do with it. It is fabulous for my bread making.

    I am jealous you own both machines. I am having a hard time justifying the money to spend on a KA. Someday maybe!

  3. I have both and use them for different things. What a tip, testing my KA to see if the paddle is getting to the bottom. That always bugs me!!!!! Thanks!!!

  4. So happy you watched it. Fun huh? I really am finding I am using my Bosch more, but really don’t think I can give up the kitchen aid – oh for more counter space ….

  5. I have been using a Classic KA for the past 20 years and it served me well. For Mother’s Day I received a HD Professional Kitchen Aid which I love. I didn’t even know that Bosch had a mix master. I will be using both KA for now, but I am curious now to see how the Bosch works. Thanks for the information.

  6. I need to figure out how to adjust my KA. I know the paddle doesn’t go to the bottom. Guess I’d better pull out the trusty manual.

    I get a kick out of things like this too.

  7. So i don’t have the book to my KA anymore (hubby thought he was being helpful when he threw it out). How do you do it.



  8. mkoleary–

    You place a dime in the bottom of the bowl. If the dime moves around, then the paddle is reaching the bottom. If not, then there are screws on the neck (is that what I call it?) of the stand. Well, but I wonder if that’s just for the Pro 600…in the case of the other models, I’m not sure…it may be somewhere near where you raise and lower the bowl. (Oh, and thanks for the compliments!)

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