In My Kitchen: Honey Pot

I love gifts that are handmade. Really, I love most anything that is handmade (especially desserts.) There’s so much love and years of devotion to one’s art that goes into the handmade gift.

When I got married, I was fortunate enough to have received this awesome honey pot made by Joe Bennion, the potter behind Horseshoe Mountain Pottery.

There are so many reasons I adore this pot. It reminds me of my pioneer heritage, it’s handmade (as I’ve said), it’s unique, I love honey…I could go on.

Unfortunately, there’s no online shop for Joe’s pieces. If you are even in Spring City, Utah, go check out his shop.

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  1. Very cool honey pot. We’ve driven by Horseshoe Mountain Pottery a few times but I’ve never been in. I’ll have to go there sometime.

  2. That is very cute. I love handmade and one of a kind items too. there’s something about an artisans hands making something specially for someone else right?

  3. hey, nice. I thought it looked familiar. you know, if you call or email Joe he can arrange mail order, but he might not be as thrilled about it because he doesn’t like boxing stuff up. so everything in the shop costs 1/2 the mailorder price.

    and if you’re driving by at an odd hour or day and think the shop is probably not open, go and check because it probably is.

  4. I never thought of having a honey pot to keep my honey in…it is very cute. Everyone in my family got these wooden “bacon buttons” from an elderly couple when each of us got married. At first it was kinda funny…a bacon button…but we all seem to cherish the unique gift now. Love your blog–sorry for the rambling.

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