The Replacements

Ever thrown out an appliance because one of the parts broke or got lost?

I just discovered a website called The Gourmet Depot Co. that offers replacement parts for dozens and dozens of brand name appliances from Cuisinart to Hoover, as well as a store to purchase new appliances.

I think I might just have to buy another bowl for my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker–just because I want to have two. Not because I really need two.

Also, my dear, sweet, wonderful friend, Wendy sent me the link to this site, Pleasant Hill Grain where I can buy parts for my Bosch!

Yipee! Hip, hip HOORAY!

And, if you own a Bosch, and haven’t heard–there are new cookie paddles you can buy.

This is where I become torn…I LOVE my KitchenAid. I LOVE my Bosch. Do I need both? Really? Do I? I made a cake in my Bosch awhile back and those double beaters beat that butter and sugar so nice and fluffy that I almost cried. But, I have a very special, sentimental attachment to my KitchenAid. (It was my very first appliance.) I think they will just have to be like 1st and 2nd children. Different. Each has their wonderful qualities. I love them just the same. No favorites.

Anyone else get as sentimental about their appliances, or it is just me?

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  1. I hear ya! I love my Kitchen Aid… I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s plain white and I think her motor is dying but I love her the same. I might just have to get her a new engine from this web site. Thank you!

  2. What a coincidence you should post this. Those cookie paddles arrived from Pleasant Hill Grain for me yesterday, and we made your PB cookies with them this morning. Delightful.

    I think I love the Bosch more than my kitchen aid. My Mum is angling for me to give the kitchen aid to her … but I am still deciding if I need both (not such space issues as you – but still some.)

  3. Oh, I forgot – you really DO need two Cuisinart freezer bowls. I have two, and in the summer when we are making ice cream on consecutive days, that 1st bowl cannot be frozen solid and ready fast enough. Really, two is pretty much essential!

  4. I really want to learn how to make homemade ice cream this summer. Can you help me? What kind of ice cream maker do you suggest? What else do you need?

  5. I love them all, they are so pretty and shiny. I think about having to pack some of them away as we plan to move this summer and I get a little upset. What if I REALLY NEED my Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer?

  6. You can also get parts at I got some AMAZING customer service there from Yvonne for my Bosch.

    I’ve had a bosch, I’ve shared living space w/my SIL who had a kitchenaid–and I’d choose my Bosch every time. Especially my new Universal Plus!

    I’m hoping for cookie paddles for my birthday.


  7. 2 ice cream inserts. Yes, of course it makes perfect sense!!! I never thought to do that, only got frustrated when I realized you have to wait in between batches and we make sorbet, sherbet and ice cream regularly. Try substituting buttermilk for part of the cream. You’ll have a new favorite!

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