Scrounging: Part One

Before I had children, I was an avid “scrounger”, i.e. proficient finder of great stuff at tag sales and thrift stores. (Though not always an avid buyer.)

It’s getting to be that time of year again when the newspapers will be filled with announcements of weekend tag sales. Scrounging can take time, but wow, you can really find some great stuff. (Present Past Collection is evidence of that…)

Really, the size of my apartment limits me in buying all the things I want to buy. Oh, and I’m also not a millionaire.

Six years ago as I was getting ready for my wedding, I went out with a few friends to various tag sales and scored some really great finds that I am still in love with.

Rimmed, silver plated platter:

Although the legs it used to stand on are no longer there and there are a few spots where the silver plating has worn off, it continues to be one of my favorite serving platters.

This little ladle (picture below), along with most of my silver plated flatware, was sitting tarnished and forgotten in a box that was pushed to the side.

I wasn’t sure what it would look like once I got it home and polished it. I darn near cried when I saw how adorable it was as all the tarnish was wiped away. We use it often for sauces. And it’s in my top 5 of favorite scrounged items.

I like my flatware and my dishes to be a little crazy and mismatched. (Like me.)

These jelly spoons and butter knives were in with the same pile of tarnished silverware. I wasn’t as lucky with these. They are definitely more tarnished and the silver plating has worn off in large areas. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I don’t use them occasionally. (I often worry about the materials used leaching out into the foods we eat..)

These knives are Rogers Bros. 1923 Anniversary pattern.

They were in better shape six years ago and we used them regularly until I bought new stainless steel flatware. Their deteriorating condition is one of the reasons we decided to buy new flatware.

But, it doesn’t mean that I don’t still love them–their shape, their weight, the charming detail on the handle.

I also bought tons of spoons, also by Rogers Bros.–



I love these large spoons–they are too big to eat cereal in the morning, but are perfect for serving pieces and I have used the ones in good condition at weddings and other gatherings.

The forks are pretty awesome, too. (Why didn’t I get a picture of them? I will. They really are that awesome.)

The item in the very best condition is this serving spoon.

I’ve done searches online to try to find out more information about the name on the back “Keio Plaza.” I’m still going to look because I rather like knowing a bit of the history behind the things I scrounge.

Stay tuned for Part Two.

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  1. I’m guessing Keio Plaza was a hotel or restaurant.

    My favorite chef’s knife is a scrounge. I told you this before, but you can get some fantastic cutlery through scrounging.

    I just checked, it’s true, Keio Plaza is a hotel…IN JAPAN! Turns out it’s a chain of hotels with a variety of restaurants. They’re ranked 16 out of 279 hotels in Tokyo.

  2. I recently was able to find the sterling I inherited from my grandmother on Now I know where to go if I ever decide I can’t live without an ice cream fork!

  3. I love crazy and mismatched, too. I have this dream of having all handmade pottery dishes from various potters.

    Lovely collection, especially for a non-millionaire!

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