Potato Ricer

I love my potato ricer. It falls under the category of “unnecessary kitchen gadgets.” I happen to love unnecessary kitchen gadgets. I don’t own many UKG for space reasons, but one day when I have my dream kitchen…watch out. I may even buy some of those gimmicky kitchen gadgets shown on infomercials. (Magic Bullet anyone?)

(top view)

So, as I was saying–I love my potato ricer.

(bottom view)

My mom gave me this potato ricer after she bought one for herself. They don’t sell this particular one anymore at Williams-Sonoma where she bought it. You can find other great ricers here.

Mine came with three disks with small, medium, and large holes.

I usually use the medium-sized disk when I’m making mashed potatoes.

It’s as easy as putting the cooked potatoes in the cylinder and firmly squeezing.

(Just so you don’t think there’s something wrong with those potatoes, I used a combo of Yukon Gold and White potatoes.)

The mashed potatoes are so fluffy and yummy.

Do you need a potato ricer? Probably not. But, I think it’s fun to have just the same.

Stay tuned–

Tomorrow I am going to offer my opinions and tips on making the perfect mashed potatoes.

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  1. Sometimes I dream about owning a potato ricer. Or maybe I should rephrase that….sometimes MY HUSBAND dreams about me owning a potato ricer, just so I can make him homemade gnoccis.

    Oooh, and can’t wait to hear your mashed potatoes secrets. I have my own secrets of course (don’t peel the potatoes but do add cream cheese), but love eavesdropping on others’.

  2. Linds–my husband has been asking me to make gnocchi, too! I will someday, I swear. I will.

    Aran–Yes, but you make opera cake with matcha. Can you believe I’ve never used matcha? :)

  3. I can’t wait to hear about your mashed potatoes. I’m with Lindsay…cream cheese! Really, I could just mash up a potato, put nothing in it, and be perfectly content.

  4. Lindsey- Don’t feel bad about not using matcha… I hadn’t either until a couple of years ago. In any case, if you like the flavor of green tea, it’s wonderful. The stuff I have is very very good. You can make a simple cake, ice cream… endless possibilities.

  5. I have a potato ricer at work and I dream about having one at home! It makes the smoothest mashed potatoes, unless you are wanting mom’s, which came with tasty lumps!

  6. Oh my Gosh!!! I use that to Mash Potatoes. Spaetzle, my husband got it fro Germany, I love it.

  7. I just found your post regarding your potato ricer. I too had this ricer and absolutely loved it. I just packed it in my luggage because I wanted to make some gnocchi while visiting my sister and…lo and behold the airline has lost my luggage. I have been trying in vain to find my ricer again on the web. Mine looked exactly like yours – can you tell me what is the brand? I know it was German or Swiss, perhaps Kuhn Rikon, but I can’t seem to match it up anywhere but on your blog. Thanks!

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