Kitchen Tip: Labeling Extra Parts

My Cuisinart 11-cup food processor (purchased at Costco) came with a bunch of extras that I normally wouldn’t have bought–like an extra work bowl, dough blade, and slicing/grating disks.

I put the extra bowl and dough blade away with the thought I would use it when the other bowl wore out–it hasn’t happened after almost daily use for 4 years, and the dough blade if my Bosch ever bit the dust. (It’s never going to.)

A few weeks ago, I made curry and salsa in my food processor. When I pulled it out to make Glazed Lemon Cookies, it still smelled a bit spicy and garlicky.

What to do? Bring out the extra work bowl, designate and label each one for its intended use.

I know you all would have thought of this right after you bought it. But for me, this was an epiphany. No more curry flavored pie crust!

Once again, I am a happy girl.

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  1. Random lurker chiming in–I do that with my plastic cutting boards, since I realized one day that my fruit was tasting like onions. One for onions/herbs, one for meat, one for veggies, and one for fruit!

  2. I have several cutting boards (color coded) for their use too – but would have never, ever thought to do it with my food processor (same one from Costco.)
    You’re brilliant! But, of course I already knew that you were.

  3. Wonderful tip on having two separate bowls! I haved to buy me an extra bowl now! I have a tried and true refrigerator roll recipe that I use when I have to make dinner rolls for up at the big house. I’ll have to give yours a try next time!

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