Kitchen Q & A: Cake Decorating

Darling Hannah, and a few other friends and readers have asked me about cake decorating.

I’ve compiled a list of products/tools, etc. that I use myself and would recommend. My disclaimer is this: I am a TOTAL amateur, but I know what I like and have success with.

Someday I’ll take a class or two and maybe my perspective or recommendations will change. For the time being, if you feel adventurous and want to try your hand at cake decorating, you might enjoy these posts:

Cake Decorating: Icing Colors
Cake Decorating: Spatulas and Other Tools
Cake Decorating: Decorating Tips and Pasty Bags (and other info)
Cake Decorating 101

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  1. Lindsey, you are so amazing!! Thank you so much for all the posts! It was way informative. I am headed out to pick up some cake supplies right now!

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