Key Lime Juice: Real or Bottled?

I’ve had quite a few questions about using fresh vs. bottle key lime, and substituting regular lime juice.

What do I usually do?

Of course, my preference is to use fresh key lime juice. For obvious reasons–it tastes better.

But, key limes are not always available, and they are not so fun to squeeze. Regular, Persian limes are just fine. Key Limes just happen to be a little more tart and unique in flavor.

Maybe the convenience of bottled juice suits you better. (That’s totally me.) I love the convenience and ease of using bottled juice and find that the flavor of the final product isn’t that compromised.

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My first choice in bottled key lime juice, and all bottle citrus juice, for that matter is Nellie and Joe’s. (Note that the price given on their website is for a case of bottle juice.)
Now, where to find it….
The Nellie and Joe’s website has a retail store locator.

My other preferred bottle juice is the Sicilia brand. I find it at my local grocery store for $0.99. Can’t beat that. Each bottle holds 4 oz. It comes in Lime, Key Lime, and Lemon. We use it all the time. I like to stock up when I can.

You can find it online at for $2.75 for a 7 oz. bottle.

Anyone else have a brand they love to use? A quick Google search turned up many other options…

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  1. I can get the first one at my Safeway, but I also use the 99. one all the time. Like in every glass of water!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE key lime pie. Can’t wait to try and the recipe..

  2. I assume you use the same amount of real key lime juice as bottled. I did not find a direct answer to that anywhere!

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