Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m one of those gals who really appreciates a practical, non-romantic gift. No lie.

New dish towels? Fabulous, thank you! I needed some new ones.

A new blender or vacuum? Even better.

That’s just the way I am. Practicality over romance.

But this year? This year is different–I still did practical, but with a little more romance.

I have been wanting to start my collection of Spode dishes for some time now. As I’ve mentioned before, I love transferware.

Even though I would love a matching set and while I will still save a few pennies here and there for my “Matching Dish Fund”…

I have decided that I really love the idea of owning a crazy, whacky mix of dishes that don’t exactly match each other. (They will still have the same general style.)

I was at T.J. Maxx last week and noticed the cereal bowl pictured above. For $3.99. And in my book, that’s a bargain.

Um, I had to have it and every one like it.

So, I bought six. And then went to another location and bought six more. And two more in yellow and blue. (Oh, how I love the yellow and blue ones!)

And I can say this–

Just looking at these bowls makes me happy. Eating cereal out of them is like taking a bite of sunshine. Ice cream is even better.

This year’s gift (even though I bought it for myself) has made me truly, truly joyous.

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  1. Great Birthday Gift to yourself! I love these dishes, also!
    Happy Birthday!
    My 2nd son turns 25 on the 20th! I know lots of people with Birthdays this week and last week. Busy month!

  2. Too funny. I was in TJ Maxx this weekend and spotted those same dishes. They are very cute, and I really like the idea of mix matching them.
    Happy Birthday

  3. lovely! that is a fun idea. I tend to like the all white look. But I think it would be fun to have both- some snapping color, and then the white for other times…

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