Gifts Ideas Under $10

I like small gifts under $10. They are a great way to say Thank You or Happy Birthday, and make great gifts to take as housewarming or hostess gifts. Or even just as a token of friendship.

Small gifts for the kitchen are my favorite kind.

Pretty fridge magnets, from Eclecticselection’s Etsy shop–only $6.50 for 5

(There are a bunch of darling magnets for sale on Etsy.)

LOVE Crate and Barrel dishtowels. They are pretty and funky and cool. They are inexpensive. And they are good quality.

A few favorites–

I also love this adorable kitchen timer–

Cock-a-Doodle Timer from Anthropologie, $10

Perhaps a bit non-traditional in the giving sense–

Wooden Citrus Reamer, $8.50 at Williams-Sonoma
(add a bag of lemons and limes–great to take to as a gift for the hostess of a summer BBQ)

Some other gift ideas–

Wooden spoons tied with a ribbon
A jar of gourmet jams, jellies, mustard, or other condiments
Recipe cards
Homemade candy

Places to go for great gifts under $10–

*Etsy under $10–can’t say enough good about it–although you may have to do some searching

*Barnes and Noble or Borders–great little cookbooks for around $10 in their clearance section, sometimes you can get really lucky (and sometimes there are some real duds)

*Crate and Barrel–great dish towels and gadgets, great sales

*IKEA–pretty much everything in their kitchen section is a great deal (downside–not really available online)

*Anthropologie–the sales are awesome and I heart anything from Anthropologie (again, in store you will find more than online)

Any other great gifts you’ve given or received?

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  1. I’ve only met you once when I was in NY visiting my best friend Wendy and you were nice enough to come watch the kids while we went to see the Rockettes, but I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your blog. Your recipes are divine and I plan on trying some of them. Wendy is very lucky to have such great friends in NY. Happy Birthday!

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