Cheese of the Week: Jarlsberg

(image via DK Images)

I let my daughter pick out cheeses while we shop at our favorite place. She does a great job. Usually there is some kind of blue cheese. Always there is a wedge of Jarlsberg. It is one of our family’s favorite cheeses.

Maybe it’s my Norwegian heritage the causes me to love cheese, particularly this one. It feels like it runs through my veins.

Jarlsberg, produced by the Tine Co., is a delightfully mild, nutty, almost sweet Swiss-style cheese.

We love it sliced on sandwiches, with fruit, in omelets, or by itself.

While I’m on the topic of Norwegian cheese, I also like to use my pewter cheese slicer that I bought in Norway a few years ago.

I love it. I absolutely love it. Everyone in my family has one just like it.

If you want a pewter cheese slicer of your very own this is a great source.

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