Birthday Week and Happy St. Paddy’s

My birthday on Thursday. And it just so happens that the 21st and the 22nd are the birthdays of two of my very favorite people in the world. (One of my best friends and my beloved youngest sister.)

So, this week we will be talking about birthdays–

*Gift ideas for someone who likes to cook and bake

*What I bought for myself (and what’s still on the list for future b-days)

*Yummy birthday cake ideas

*Birthday menu suggestions

*A few more surprises (read: I’m still thinking…)

I’ll be back later today with some fun posts. Right now my presence is requested in the kitchen where my daughter and I will create great works of art using crayons and construction paper.

Oh, and before I forget–

Tonight we will be enjoying our fill of Corned Beef and Cabbage, along with some Boxty.

Here’s a few links you may enjoy if you are wondering what to make in honor of St. Paddy:

From Kevin over at Closet Cooking

Irish Soda Bread (I still might try to fit this in today…)
Irish Lamb Stew (we were going to have this, but my husband insisted on corned beef.)

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  1. I was debating on whether to do the Irish stew or the corned beef and cabbage. I will have to try the corned beef and cabbage next year.

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