Valentine’s Menu

Some friends and I were discussing what to make for a special Valentine’s dinner. Why not start now? Really it’s only ten away! And what is better than staying in for a beautiful dinner and snuggling up on the couch for a movie with your sweetheart? At least that’s my idea of a great Valentine’s Day.

Some ideas have been bobbing around in my head.

I like to prepare several courses starting with a soup–


French Onion
Red Pepper Bisque (without the shrimp maybe?)
Cream of Parsnip
Asparagus Soup

Basically, for a fancy dinner for two, I think starting out with a nice, smooth soup does the trick.


I also like to prepare a nice main course–something that maybe we don’t have on a weekly or monthly basis. Something that takes a little extra effort, or has a little more calories than I like to consume in one sitting…..just a little something nicer than the everyday.

Main Courses:

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin (part of a birthday menu from the summer)

Seared Beef (flank steak, London Broil, etc.) with Chimichurri Sauce

Beef in a red wine sauce

Stuffed Chicken Breasts (I like to use prosciutto and a flavorful cheese.)

Crockpot Cassoulet

Homemade Fettuccine Alfredo with mushrooms

(photo via

If you feel like going all out, might I suggest a delicious prime rib with potatoes, veggies and Yorkshire pudding?

My friend suggested–
Beef Wellington

(I’m thinking that I’m craving me some beef.)

Stay tuned–
I’m not done thinking about possible sides, salads, and DESSERTS–which is the most important part of any romantic V-Day celebration. (Fancy desserts alway put my hubby in the mood!)

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